Legend of Condor Hero

Oh, Jīn Yōng, you literary genius, you!

Well, we all know his novels are adored worldwide. There are great adventures, wonderful xiá, heroic deeds and a great Jiānghú! There are so many adaptions of his work as well. You can bet that each one is highly anticipated by his legions of fans!

One such literary masterpiece is Shén Diāo Xiá Lǚ; otherwise known as Return of the Condor Heroes. Oh, I’m sure that we’ve all heard of at least one version. I mean, sure, it’s popular, but that doesn’t automatically generate a viewership… Is that a word?

Hmm, well, I want to dispel some stuff right now. I’m a Pisces. I have one fish dragging me off at one hundred miles an hour to the right only to be pulled the other way by the opposing fish. In short, I often just drop projects and return to them months later. Never fear though, this blog is also my study time so I won’t drop this. HOWEVER, my point is that I haven’t seen any adaption all the way through. That isn’t from lack of trying though.

Therefore, if you were expecting a review then you can banish that thought to the nether regions of for-never (yes, I know that’s not a word, but it sounds so intriguing!). I will probably never do a recap or a review. In fact, I’ve never finished a single wǔxiá show. Again, that was not from lack of trying.

What I want to write about is a not so well known adaption (or if it is well-known then just I’m a tad behind with the times which is something you may have to get used to, sorry). I said I’d be open to cross-overs so here’s one for you all. Quite a few years ago there was a collaboration project between China and Japan. It was by two entertainment companies but it eventually fell through because there wasn’t enough interest in Japan.

Now, I haven’t finished the first series. Apparently, everything falls to ruin after that series so it may well be for the best. This is a crossover that I did very much find myself liking and it goes by the name of Shin Chō Kyō Ryō: Kondoru Hīro. For some reason they called it Legend of the Condor Hero even though it’s most definitely The Return of the Condor Heroes. So, if you find on various forums that they’re discussing Legend of the Condor Hero and Return of the Condor Heroes anime then you’re looking at people who were fooled into believing that one series equals one novel.

That’s impossible! No matter how you look at it, it’s impossible. You can’t fit one of those novels into a thirty minute slot when there are only twenty six episodes per series. I suppose that’s why some of the novels’ fans don’t believe it to be a part of canon. If you don’t know what canon is then it’s technically ‘the way things are’ as evidenced by the novel / television program / movie / whatever the creator’s say it is. That’s a pretty dumbed down explanation but, hey, I’m a pretty dumbed down person.

Anyhoo, yes, it’s an anime of Return of the Condor Heroes! It’s a through and through anime. The Japanese team worked on the visuals and, well, I don’t know what the Chinese side did. All I know is that when it proved to be less popular on the Japanese side they pulled out after series I. This left series II and III to the Chinese team. Therefore, there is only a Chinese dub for those seasons and they were also left in charge of the graphics. In fact, they were left in charge of everything but one element. Or so the sources (mostly commenters) say.

There have been numerous complaints about the second and third series for that exact reason. I’ve noticed that most people won’t watch the second and third series because they don’t like listening to the Chinese dub. It’s a bit of a shame, but I must admit that I liked the Japanese dub too. Maybe I just got used to it, though.

Another common complaint is the actual appearance of the anime in series two and three. Like I said, I haven’t actually seen those so I’m not going to make a comment on that. In fact, even if I had, I still wouldn’t make a comment on it. If you’re interested in the anime then I want you to make your own opinions instead of just going by what everyone else is saying.

I’m going to tell you what I remember of the first series now. Like I said, I haven’t gotten far with any adaption. I just randomly choose a random episode to watch now and then. That being said, I think it remains quite true to the actual storyline – just shortening it by a bit.

In the Japanese first series Yáng Guò is called Youka. Xiǎolóngnǚ is called Shouryuujo. It starts the way you would expect it to: Youka’s uncle is taking him to a martial art sect. When they arrive they find the place under attack and encounter difficulties on their way in.

I suppose that’s where Youka’s future ‘mentors’, and I use that term in the lightest possible way, decide they don’t like him. As per the plot they refuse to teach him any martial arts. They insist on making him learn those mantra-thingies off by heart… Geez, what are they? Mantra? Sutra? Stanza? I’m just rambling now, sorry about that. As you can tell I have difficulties staying on topic.

One day Youka flees the sect (the Japanese name eludes me) and goes into the forest around. He finds that old crazy fellow. I think he’s meant to be Ōuyáng Fēng because I think he’s gone who’s made to lose his marbles. I’m not very knowledgeable about these kinds of things; which is probably a bad thing for a blogger to admit to.

He has a short encounter with Shouryuujo’s senior. He ends up poisoned and is found by Sūn pópo (Granny Sun) – I have no recollection of her name in the Japanese version. As he heals him Shouryuujo comes along. She insists that he has to go but allows Youka to stay the night.

When they journeyed back the next day a battle ensued. The battle ended with Sūn pópo’s death and Shouryuujo agreeing to take in Youka. I have seen after that episode. I’ve seen at least half of that series but I’m not going to go into further details. I have no idea how I’ve going to translate what I’ve already got!

They don’t teach you what gender to make these wǔxiá jargon words…

Well, here we are again. I’ve got a few post ideas, but I want to know if there’s anything you particularly want to see included here. Is there a show or a film? I’ve got sources and a dictionary to hand in case anything needs translated.

I have one last thing to mention before I start with the French version. I’m not tech-savvy so I’m going to be experimenting with things. I do hope that you’ll tell me if something’s wrong.

Thank you for reading my article! Thank you so much!

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I’m not going to be sued for this, am I?

Legend of Condor Hero

 Oh, Jīn Yōng, tu êtes un auteur de genie!

Ses livres sont célèbres. Ils sont mondialement populaire. Les aventures sont génial. Il est merveilleux xiá. Il est actes héroïques. Le Jiānghú est magnifique! Il existe de nombreuses adaptations de ses livres. Ses admirateurs anticiper les adaptations.

Un livre est appelé Return of the Condor Heroes (Pseudonym – Shén Diāo Xiá Lǚ /神鵰俠侶 / L’Aigle Divin et le Couple Héroïque). Il existe nombreuses adaptations de le livre.

Je suis souvent distrait. J’ai peu discipline. J’abandonne de nombreuses tâches. Je ne regardé pas tóus Shén Diāo Xiá Lǚ. Par conséquent je ne veux pas écrire un commentaire ou un résumé. Probablement.

Je vais écrire sur un anime. C’est une adaptation pour Shén Diāo Xiá Lǚ. Il était faite par une compagnie chinoise et compagnie japonaise – TVB et Nippon. Il y avait peu d’intérêt au japon. Je n’ai pas regardé la première série complètement. Il y a des rumeurs que série deux et trois ne sont pas aussi bonnes.

Le titre japonais est Shin Chō Kyō Ryō: Kondoru Hīro (Pseudonym – Légende des Héros Condor). C’est important. Shén Diāo Xiá Lǚ est la deuxième partie d’une trilogie. La première partie est appelée Shè Diāo Yīng Xióng Zhuàn (Pseudonym – Legend of the Condor Heroes / Story of the Eagle-Shooting Hero / Légende du Condor Héros). Le titre est de la première partie, mais l’anime est d’environ deux parties.

L’anime a une intrigue simple. Un jeune garçon appelé Youka (nom chinois  Yáng Guò) est envoyé pour être formés par une secte art martial par son oncle. Ils sont arrivés au milieu d’une bataille. Leur arrivée est rendue difficile par les batailles. Youka est dédaigné par ses professeurs. Est-ce pourquoi?

Leur refuser à lui apprendre les arts martiaux. Plutôt, ils enseigner lui… Mantras? Sutras? Strophes? Aish, je ne sais pas! Je suis desolé. Je suis souvent distrait.

Un jour, Youka s’enfuit. Il court dans la forêt. Il rencontre un ‘vieux fou’. Je pense that il est signifiait Ōuyáng Fēng (Je ne sais pas le nom japonais). Je ne sais pas beaucoup sur wǔxiá. C’est une mauvaise chose pour un blogeur à admettre…

Youka rencontre une femme. Elle l’attaque lui. Il est sauvé par Sūn pópo (Je ne sais pas le nom japonais). Elle l’aide. Youka rencontre alors Shouryuujo. Shouryuujo et Youka sont les deux personnages principaux. Le reste appartient à l’histoire.

Série deux et trois sont en chinois – chinois mandarin et cantonais. Il était impopulaire au japon. L’équipe chinoise a repris tout. Je recommande de trouver un dub chinois si vous êtes intéressés.

Ah! Tu veux quelque chose?J’ai des projets. Je vais examiner les demandes.

J’espère travailler sur la mise en page de blog. Je sais peu de choses sur la technologie. Je m’excuse pour les inconvénients futurs.

Merci beaucoup!

3 thoughts on “Legend of Condor Hero

  1. wuxiaedge says:

    OMG I TOTALLY enjoyed reading this post and OMG I’ve always knowna bout the anime version of Return of the Condor Heroes but I have never been able to find full episodes in English to watch, I am SUPER curious to how it would be and I’d TOTALLY be watching it if I could find it, I am always excited when China and Japan team up to make something, particularly if it’s related to an Ancient Chinese show!
    Thanks heaps for also explaining some of the details for that!!!

    • Do you mean an English dub or an English sub? I don’t think there was ever a dub, but you can find subtitles on anilinkz, animecrazy and websites like that though I don’t know what language the voices would be in.
      Have China and Japan teamed up before on something like that? Wow, I’m slow.
      I’m glad you liked the article. 😀

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