30 Day Challenge

30 Day Challenge

I know, I know. I’m perfectly aware of what I said I would do.

This is just the first fish losing… Again.

I do have my exams though. I want to make it clear. They’re very important. I’ve not to school full time in three years. I’m at a little bit of a disadvantage, but I felt that it would be mean not to leave you guys with something while I’m off being bored.

It’s strange to think that I’ll be busy for the first time in my life… Wow, what a mental image. Didn’t think that’d ever happen!

Oh, yes, the next days will all be on this post too.

(You may notice that the French bit has a lot less detail… I’m sorry. I just don’t know how to convey a lot of my ranting)

Hello everyone. I’m going to go with the flow for this one. It’s the first 30 day challenge I’ve participated in but I’m going to upload it all together. I will answer one question per day, as the rules of the challenge state. For this, you will find the French translation directly beneath the English part.

For example;

Day *



Day *

Is that okay? I could do it differently but I feel that this is more correct. Oh! I’m really bad with deadlines so it could take over thirty days!

Thank you.

Day 1. (25.03.13)

Memory of your first Ancient Chinese Series or one that got you into the genre.


This is really easy. It’s Chinese Paladin of course!

I was very much a fan of Japanese and Korean music. I watched anime, Japanese series and Korean series so then I thought one day; ‘I’m Chinese. I haven’t been remotely connected to China since we had to move away. I’m going to look for some good music!”

That led me to find Xián Zi (my favourite singer – I couldn’t help but mention her). Then I found Jackie Chan singing the song for The Myth. That led me to one of Hú Gē’s songs. It was one with a really odd video…

After that I somehow made my way to Chinese Paladin. Though I guarantee that it wasn’t as simple a connection as Hú Gē to Chinese Paladin. There was a whole lot of other things inbetween that I can’t remember and would take too long to explain!

I haven’t finished the series. I’ve tried to with that more than anything else but I’m still shockingly far behind. I have seen the end though! I’ve seen the end, the beginning and some things in the middle. The rest is all over the place.

I think that out of all the wǔxiá shows I’ve watched it’s the most flawed. There’s no consistent pace, filler bits that are dragged out (bottomless hole, stuck in the ground up to their necks – what did Ā Nú and Táng Yù do to you?) and killing them off for the sake of killing them off.

Come on now, be honest, didn’t you question Li Xiāo Yáo telling Líng’er to die? I mean, he didn’t even try to save her! Look, I get it, she was suffering, but he could have flown them off to someone who could help. They couldn’t have been that far the capital.

Also, Ā Nú killing her father off like that was just queer. He would have tried to knock some sense into her. He would have called for back-up or taken her by the arms and shook some sense into her! He wouldn’t just let her stab him; not like that.

I can drag the series through the mud and back again to infinity and beyond but I do love it – always and forever.

Anyway, you know I can’t type non-fiction without ranting.

Look at this pretty picture while I blow the steam from my ears.

download (5)

 Bonjour à tóus! Je vais aller avec le courant. C’est ma première 30 défi de la Journée! Je vais télécharger tout à la fois! Il y a une question par jour. Le français est en dessous de la version anglaise.

Par exemple.

Day *



Day *

Est-ce correct? S’il vous plaît excuser mon retard.

Merci beaucoup!

 La Première Jour

Mémoire de votre première série chinoise ancienne ou que vous entré dans le genre.


C’est très facile! C’est Chinese Paladin (Xian Jiàn Qí Xiá Chuán) bien sûr!

J’aime la musique de japonaise et de coréenne. Je regarde anime, le série japonaise et le série coréenne. Un jour, I pensais que ‘Qu’en est-il de la Chine? Je suis chinois! Je dois me connecter à mon héritage! Je vais regarder pour la musique!’

J’ai trouvé Xián Zi (mon chanteur préféré). J’ai trouvé  que Jackie Chan est est un chanteur! Il était la chanson pour The Myth (Shén Huà)! J’ai trouvé un des Hú Gē’s chansons.C’était étrange.

Après cela, j’ai trouve Chinese Paladin. Ce n’était pas une connexion facile. Je ne vais pas tout expliquer.

Je n’ai pas finis la série. Cependant, j’aime la série. J’ai vu la fin. J’aime ça. Je pense que il est le plus imparfait série que j’ai vu. C’est étrange, n’est ce pas?

Vous savez que je peste. Je ne peux pas l’aider!


Chaque jour sera sur ce poste. Je vais mettre à jour sur ce poste. Est-ce bien?

Day 2. (27.03.13)

Favourite Ancient Chinese Series.

Yup, I’ve still not finished the French part. I really have a bad problem with slacking off… and studying for exams that are in a month’s time…

This isn’t meant to be in consecutive days, right?

Well, my favourite ancient Chinese series…

Come on, you know this already!

Xian Jiàn!

Why do I adore this when I find it to be riddled with flaws? That’s a good question.

I can’t easily tell you why I love it? I just get this strange feeling in my chest whenever I think of it or speak about it. It even inspired me to start writing wǔxiá stories on FP, a long chapter story in the note section of FaceBook, novels and, most importantly, an eight part wǔxiá series that I ramble to myself about for at least fifteen minutes each day and love most dearly. I live just to write that series!

Wǔxiá itself really helped me to become a far better person. If I’d started with another series I’m not sure if I would have followed it so loyally. Haha~ I still haven’t finished Xian Jiàn and yet I have the nerve to claim that!

I do mean it though. As a writer Xian Jiàn has shown me the genre that I was made to write about. As a person Xian Jiàn has encouraged to become a better and different person. Now, it’s not the person that I dreamed of becoming, but it’s the kind of person that I’m meant to be. I feel like it’s fate for me to have found Xian Jiàn.

It wasn’t my first perspective / life changing find. However, the first one makes me lonely and sad quite a bit… So I’d be really bitter and depressed if it wasn’t for my discovery of Xian Jiàn. In a sense, I owe it my happiness. I owe it thanks for too many things to count.

I think that’s why it’s always going to be my number one.

Oh! Liú Yì Fēi’s work has shown me many inspiring things too. Péng Yú Yàn’s ‘deaf’ movie was moving and sweet. I really like to look at what these actors and actresses have done. It leads me to other amazing, inspirational things!

That being said, if this, as a series, is ever re-made I’m not going to give it the time of day. I love this cast and version too much. I’m not letting anything spoil it!

I ranted again… Oh, and I was doing so well too! Durn!

images (12)

images (10)

images (11)

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La Deuxième Jour

Préférée série chinoise ancienne


Je n’ai pas vu une série complete!

Qu’est-ce que c’est?

Vous savez que déjà!

C’est Xian Jiàn! C’est Chinese Paladin!

J’aime beaucoup! Je suis qui je suis en raison de Xian Jiàn. Je suis une bonne personne en raison de wǔxiá. J’adore wǔxiá en raison de Xian Jiàn.



Je suis content. Xian Jiàn me rend content. Je suis inspiré en raison de wǔxiá. Je suis wǔxiá en raison de Xian Jiàn! Haha~ Je suis désolé! C’est vrai. C’est vrai.

J’écris sur FaceBook ‘notes’, FP, FanFiction. J’écris des livres. Merci beaucoup wǔxiá et Xian Jiàn. Ah~

Wǔxiá me rend content. J’aime ma série. J’aime ce que wǔxiá a inspiré en moi. Ma série est merveilleuse! J’adore ça! J’adore ça! J’adore ça!

C’est numéro un! C’est ma destinée.


Les films et série télévisée de Liú Yì Fēi sont inspirants. Le film de ‘Hear Me’ avec  Péng Yú Yàn était douce. J’adore où il me mène!


Je peste… Encore une fois…


Day 3. (28. 03.13)

Character that existed in history from a show which you admire.

All right, all right. I apologise. I know, it’s been a long time and I already had all the English parts done and all with definitely a bit of French, but… Yea, I’m not even going to try and make excuses.

However, I have decided to re-write this one and I’ll probably do the same for the rest.

I actually feel very uncomfortable watching or reading about historical figures. I don’t think they should ever be put into a show, or a book or a play. It just makes me uncomfortable.

That being said I have seen quite a few but I’m not going to give you an answer that you’ll like. Why? I’m not actually going to give you an answer.

It’s not really an answer because I’m going to say “none”. Yes, that’s right.

The thing with history is that you don’t know what really, really happened. You know only the major parts unless you can tap into your past life. History is therefore, to us, and anyone who wasn’t around at the exact moments that truly make history with the people who made it, a multi-faceted crystal. You’re going to get a lot of different images and perspectives.

Look at Cleopatra. A lot of information about her comes from people who really didn’t like her all that much.

I can’t answer this question because I don’t personally know any historical figure. Unless I was a close friend, sibling, lover or parent I couldn’t comment, and even then my answer would be biased and even they wouldn’t know everything about that person.

I can’t really answer this.

However, if you mean a fictional representation of a historical figure, well, then, why didn’t you say so?


I’m still not going to tell you though!

La Troisième Jour

Un personnage historique d’une série télévisée que vous admirez

Je suis désolé. Je vais écrire cette partie, mais je pense que j’ai oublié mon français.

Je n’aime pas regarder figures historiques. Je me sens mal à l’aise. Je pense que il est irrespectueux.

Vous ne savez pas comment ils sont. Bonne? Mauvais? il y a trop de points de vue dans l’histoire.

Si je connais un personnage historique que je vais vous dire. Mon d’avis serait toujours être biaisée.

Par exemple, un grand nombre d’informations sur Cléopâtre est par des gens qui ne l’aiment pas.

Oh! Voulez-vous dire une représentation fictive? Teehee~

C’est moi savoir!

Day 4. (29.03.13)

Favourite Hero / Heroine

I don’t know…

Haha! I’m joking!

I have to admit that I’m having difficulty with a favourite hero though…

I suppose that means I should go with someone that I’m very familiar with.

Hmm… Gè Niè?

The translator is insisting that it’s Gài Niè. I don’t like the sound of that as much.

I’m choosing him because, though I do have my suspicions, his values have a good standing with me. I don’t think a ‘good guy’ would join a sect where you know you’ll have to kill your fellow student or become an assassin without good cause. If the ‘good cause’ has been identified then I’m just behind, as usual…

I did get to series 3! Give me some credit. I’m not that bad!

All right, yes, I am.

Now… My favourite heroine? I had some difficulty with this one too. Now, I know this is odd for someone who loves wǔxiá to say… I don’t like the ‘bubbly’, ‘cute’ girls that are ‘mischievous’ and bursting with personality. I make an exception with Chinese Paladin, but only Chinese Paladin.

I much prefer the mature girls: the ones who are quietly intelligent. The whole bubbly in-your-face kind of personality just gets to me.

Therefore, will I choose Xiǎo Lóng Nǚ?


I admire her very much. She is so mature and I love how subtle she is with her emotions. Yes, I know, she’s emotionally stunted, but I just like that. Clearly, I don’t like it enough.

Well, there’s Zhào Líng’er!



My favourite heroine is Wúqíng!

I sense a Liú Yì Fēi related theme going on here…

Yes, you may think it’s odd to choose Wúqíng (Heartless). In every single adaptation, excluding the three part movie franchise, Wúqíng is male. The fact that they made Wúqíng female is understandably an odd concept. You could argue that they’re going for the generic and stale love triangle route. You wouldn’t be wrong there, but I’d hardly call anything with this Wúqíng involved stale.

I don’t want to give much away. I was meant to do an article on this way back. In fact, it was supposed to be my first article. Then I decided that the movie was pretty well known.

Wúqíng is my favourite because she can fight, she’s smart and she has the ability to sense whether a person has good intentions or not; whether they can trusted or not. That rare ability is exactly why everyone ignores her opinions of others… Wait, what?

Yes! They have this person with this amazing skill and they mostly put it down to something else. However, it’s not just this skill that I admire her for. Wúqíng (Heartless) starts to fall in love with this guy. She knows that she can’t just dash straight in to trusting him. She knows something’s up but she does anyway. She isn’t used to the emotion so it’s good to see this fragile side to her. That’s quite an odd thing to say considering that she always has this ‘lost’ kind of look to her.

Also, Wúqíng is in a wheelchair. She is this great fighter who is in a wheelchair. What is not to like? I hadn’t seen that before in any wǔxiá series or movie (I don’t watch many movies). It’s utterly inspiring for a writer like me. I suddenly got all these great fight scenes in my head.

OH! She also has this kind of telekinesis that’s just too cool! I love it.

(If you mention X-Men I’m seriously going to be very unhappy with you)

Wúqíng is so different to everyone else that I’ve seen. I couldn’t believe just how different she was when I first saw the movie. That being said, I love that movie. I love it so much~

La Quatrième Jour

Mon héros préféré. Mon héroïne favorite.

Je ne sais pas…

Non! Haha~

C’est trés difficile! C’est Gè Niè!

Cependant, il est étrange…

2 thoughts on “30 Day Challenge

  1. wuxiaedge says:

    OMG I know how you feel about the series, I do love it too but yes it’s really flawed in many ways cos I think that it’s a learning experience for them because it was their first ever series in the genre, kind of almost like how Qin’s Moon improved from s1 – 3 😀
    Oh btw I am actually going to write an article about why Li xiaoyao told Ling’er to die so i hope you will read it when I post it 😀 But because all my posts are queued, it may be a while before you see it but you should be alerted, I hope 😀

  2. […] “Come on now, be honest, didn’t you question Li Xiāo Yáo telling Líng’er to die? I mean, he didn’t even try to save her! Look, I get it, she was suffering, but he could have flown them off to someone who could help. They couldn’t have been that far the capital.” ~ Source […]

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