An Overdue Update

I have a lot to tell you.

I am looking forward to completing the 30 Day Challenge. I understand that it has been a long, long time. I do fully intend to have it all out. I can’t say when exactly it will be complete, however. I had all of my answers scripted out in English. The French parts have been an utter nightmare. Anyway, the questions that I’ve not answered are just going to be re-written as I go!

In the meantime, I have a big surprise for you all. As you know, I love to write. Gǔ Jiàn Qí Tán (The Tale of the Ancient Sword: The Story of a Gǔqín and an Ancient Sword), Xian Jiàn (Legend of the Sword and Fairy) and Bái Shé Zhuàn (Madam White Snake / Sorcerer and the White Snake) are all stories that I assume you are familiar with. I have story re-tellings on my fan fiction account. They are, of course, told by different people in different worlds. Their titles are, in the order given above; The Ancient Sword and Melody, Little Fairy and White Snake.

They can be found on my account, IceMaidenofLegend, if you’re interested. I’m aware that I’m not the best writer but these stories (the original versions) are very nearly my whole world. They are 45% original game / tale, 45% the story that the characters are from (Naruto, YuGiOh 5Ds, Harvest Moon) and about 10% imagination as I have little skill in Chinese. Also, I have about twenty other wǔxiá fan fiction. I tend to write better for wǔxiá. That’s kind of strange, but amazing! Oh! I update them in what is meant to be every seven days. On my last update I became confused. Two were uploaded the day before they were due. I thought that the third had been as well. You can imagine my writing OCD kicking in there, can’t you?

I started Clouds! It’s a novel that takes great, great inspiration from Tolkien. It also has an Eastern flair because, well, I’m unable to write anything that isn’t drenched in inspiration from wǔxiá. Unfortunately, I’m unable to write it without listening to the sea. Now, my apologies, people of America, as I cursed you quite a bit on the fourth of July as I couldn’t write for hearing you scream and shout. Your loud, loud music that banged on without ending until I was deeply asleep was something that I found to be profusely annoying. All in all, I felt very much about ready to barge up there, yank out the plug and throw it into what was meant to be a pool but wasn’t. I don’t know what they were, but they weren’t pools. I am very disappointed in you, cruise liner. Oh, yes, my apologies. I was slightly incensed.

Okay, this, to me, is important. It also counts for this blog quite a big bit. I have had Chronic Fatigue Syndrome for some time. I only went to one class last year. My results from my examination came not too long ago. I received 2 in French, 1 in English and 4 in maths and history! Given that 1 is the highest grade that is available I’m extremely pleased with myself. Perhaps I’m a little smug… However, this year I’m doing Higher French and Higher English. That means I’ll have much less time on my hands. I’ve actually had to ‘drop’ Spanish. Those who are in charge are skeptical of whether I should take it or not as they don’t have it available as Higher and I need about five Higher (mostly A) grades to be able to go to the university course that I want (Classical Studies!).

Oh! Yes, that reminds me… I have, over the course of this summer vacation, forgotten most of my French. Given that I have been unable to differentiate verb forms from other verb forms, and had no idea what most forms are, this isn’t very surprising. That is something that I wholeheartedly take blame for. That is why my articles are so slow in being published so I give my most profuse and sincere apologies. The French sections of articles will end soon. I do intend to take it up again at a later date. Unfortunately, I cannot do that now. Thankfully, however, I am going to start Spanish sections. That will be fun…

Don’t forget to look out for people who are ill!

Don’t let them be left behind. It isn’t something that the person will forget. Being left alone will stay with them forever. That’s… (I can’t help it. It’s a good blog. Well, of course it is. It’s my blog)

Fourthly, or fifthly, or whichever number this is, I have great news! Well, I know what my next few articles are going to be. I’ve been intending to get them up for a while but none are particularly complete. That being said, I have high hopes that they will be available soon. One is an article that I have promised for a long time – How To: Ā Ruǎn. This is important. That article will feature on another blog as well. I don’t want you to see that somewhere else and report that blogger. To be clear, the blog will be mine when it’s made.

I have three blogs! Well, two actually. I haven’t started the third. However, that is going to be… Wait, wait a minute. No, I haven’t told you the story of that. I’m going to tell the story first.

The story is that I went to my first Comic Convention. I made my own Cosplay. Afterwards, however, I was left in a bit of a tizzy. I thought, ‘I need a Cosplay alias’. I’ve got one! Well, I absolutely adore wǔxiá and those Chinese games (those two only) are my world! I also recently acquired the first three Skulduggery Pleasant books. Haha~ I first saw that when it came out in 2006 or 2007 and I thought ‘I’m over here because mum’s in the line to pay for stuff. She’s been there for a while… I’ll ask for it when I get home!’ If you fast forward to the start of this year’s summer holiday’s you’ll find me remembering that fact. Anyway, one of the ‘heroes’ is called China Sorrows. I really like her. Also, wǔxiá and my Chinese game loves are all very sad and I’ve been looking for ways to connect to my heritage… I found my perfect Cosplay alias!

My third blog is going to be ChinaSorrows. I might even change my username to that! I’ll post about anime, manga, Cosplay and things like that there. I’ll also upload some of those articles here. When I make it I’d appreciate it if you could remember about the double blog thing. Besides, I’d only be imitating myself. However, if you find my articles elsewhere, I’d really, really appreciate a warning. I’m kind of paranoid about these things. If it’s mine, then I want it to be only mine. Thank you!

ἅρπη. That is a sword called a harpē. I’ll be including that in an upcoming article about weapons. I’ll also be starting on Chinese folklore and then branching out into Scottish, Celtic, Korean, Japanese, Thai… I love folklore. I actually started with Celtic and Scottish so it might be a bit thin on the ground because I’m starting with Chinese. Oh, yes, I’m looking into a section about reviews. I’m not going to review television series because I have a really bad track record of finishing them. In fact, my final French article is going to be my first review. I intend on buying some French manga by Li Yi Shān. It’s a manga version of Liáo Zhāi Zhì Yì. The mangaka is from Edinburgh! She did a manga style drawing of me at the comic convention I went to. Thanks to that I’m now working on a Twilight Gladiolus Cosplay (Xian Jiàn 5+)!

Oh, yes, I’m looking into another big mànhuá article. That should be like the previous mànhuá article. I’ll be doing my How To, of course. I might actually go into a big of herbal remedies as well. As, of course, the only difference between a remedy and poison is the dosage. I think that when I get around to posting these articles you’ll be really happy with what I’ve done.

Oh! Yes, there is a company called Flora’s Teas. I would recommend them. You get lovely tea with actual flowers! Of course, it’s better to put the blossoming tea ball in a pot than in your glass. You’d need a big glass and it would slip about… I’ve had a few. My favourite is green tea and jasmine!

I know that I have a lot of pressure on me this academic year, but I really, really want to post one of my fan songs. I’ve been writing them for a long time now. My lack of skill in singing and my lack of ability in musical instruments has been preventing me from doing so thus far. I have quite a few that I think are really good so I might try.


Should I dress in my Cosplay for that?


Kate McCabe. She’s an amazing singer. Her first EP is coming out sometime soon. She is an amazing person who deserves the absolute best and absolute success. Please listen to her sing. She has an account on FaceBook and on YouTube. So, yes, remember that, all right? Okay? Now, go and listen to her!

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