A Fond Farewell

Who has inspired you? How many people have inspired you? Can you name them all?

There is one person who comes to mind at this present time – Hayao Miyazaki.

Hayao Miyazaki is retiring.

His work has touched the lives of many people. He has inspired both the young and the old and everyone in between.

If not for him I’d still be whiling away my life, moaning and complaining and not being worth anything. If not for him I wouldn’t have published my first book. I wouldn’t be waiting to publish a half dozen or so wǔxiá novels. I wouldn’t be working on my own manga series or two… or forty… (shut up, brain)

I hope that you enjoy your retirement.

You deserve all the best.

Good luck with all of your endeavours.

Au revoir, Miyazaki-san.

Tu sont une légende. Tu nous manqueras.

Bonne chance avec ta vie.

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