The Miracle Beginning

I told you so~
I told you so~

We have reached a pinnacle of unprecedented proportions!

We have come to a place where the future is brilliant and glorious and the past cannot be returned to!

We have done our duty and we are now to reap our rewards!

Xian Jiàn is now on FaceBook and available for all to play with some English information provided for players. Oh, but that is not all! … You have to download it first…

Well, no, not the game. There is something that is required to play the game that must be downloaded. That is why I am unfortunate enough to be unable to play. My laptop was wiped recently in order for it to continue with its beautifully destructive life. The security – as with my bookmarked pages – were erased. I am terribly depressed.

However, Xian Jian is rather… amusing currently. If you go to the website – – you will understand what I mean.

My eyes….

They cannot erase what has been seen…

Hāhā~ Xuě Jiàn’s expression~

I honestly had no idea that Red Lóng Kuí was so…


If you remember one of my first articles you will know that the original Xian Jiàn game and the mobile version of Xian Jiàn 五 have been available in the United Kingdom for quite some time via the i-Tunes store. You may also recall my utter excitement at the menu being in English.

China is still known for breaching copyright. It’s still the ‘copy cat’ country in many ways. I love my homeland which is why I’m not going to deny the disappointing dealings that the corrupt and desperate practice. However, as we know, there is so many things that China has that is incredibly difficult for other countries to come close to.

No, stop it, Sorrows. You have been saving that for a separate article.

The world of Chinese gaming is more precious to me than you could ever realise. Thus, the possibility that an English version of any kind could be on the horizon is enough to set me on fire with excitement. However, a part of me is anxious.

What of the speech? I am what I like to call a ‘linguistic lunatic’. I want the pronunciations to be the same. I want the beautiful Chinese accents. I want the voices with that ‘ancient’ feel! English speakers can be very fickle. I mean it. Not you, not I, but a majority – yes, I think so – are decidedly irritating in their ways.

For example, if you live in Spain you hear English music on the radio. If you live in the United Kingdom the only foreign language songs that you hear are either Gangnam Style or Gentleman. English speakers are content with Hollywood and their English series. That is changing – thankfully.

I worry though. How are you going to overcome China’s reputation in the West? How are you going to keep this beautiful and ancient sounds?

Still, these are thoughts for the future. In the meantime I can concentrate on whining to my parents for some security and having a fringe cut in so that I can Cosplay Zhào Líng’er.

The FaceBook page is 新仙劍 Online – G妹遊戲平台.  It’s in Traditional~

I highly recommend that you ‘like’ the page. They show fan art and beautiful little screenshots of the game. They even show Cosplay.

If you still feel reluctant, though, they have a picture of child Yǔ Róu.

They also have this:

Chinese Paladin

It’s tiny, I know. It’s a shame. I think it’s quite funny though.

Go and drive the change people!
If we keep this up we might just get a game with the Chinese audio and English text!

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