How To: Be A Xiá

武侠 – a great kindness and the symbols of chivalry for many of us.

In the wise words of the great Gè Niè:

Represents the actions and behaviours of a person. Is made of a big ‘human’ with two little ‘humans’. Means that a strong person should help those who are small and frail.

In the equally moving and evocative words of the leader:

When you saw that others needed help you stood out bravely even if you had to face dangers. This is exactly the ‘chivalrous hero’ that we speak of.
When you help one person, you are a xiá. The more people that you help the more people that the way of chivalry is spread to. If you can help everyone in the world, you are a great xiá.

To be a xiá isn’t something that requires much instruction. To be a xiá is to give aid and to spread kindness and good as best as you can.

I thought that given the recent disaster in the Philippines I would share this article.

To be a xiá is to help. That is one of the reasons that I love this genre so. They are not Jedi. They are not shinobi. They have no requirement of years of dedication, physical prowess or agility. Each and every one of us can be a xiá. The martial arts are amazing but they could be argued as being nothing more than ‘fluff’ to make television series, films and novels more interesting.

I chose to be a xiá when I first discovered Xian Jiàn and Gǔ Jiàn. In fact, I chose to be a xiá from the moment that I first realised the true meaning of this genre.

At this moment in time I am in the midst of organising a ‘Cosplay for Causes’ (inspired by my knowledge of the American group ‘Cosplay for a Cause’) trip to a shopping centre where I hope to walk about for a few hours as Ā Ruǎn with a bucket for collecting money.

Of course, life is never so simple. That is a dreadfully delusional notion of something that requires far more work and thought. I would first have to make contact with those who run the shopping centre and ask for permission. I may even have to find proof that I am doing it for charity.

How anyone could use a disaster to put money in his own pocket is beyond my comprehension.

Regardless of complications, I intend to plough ahead.

I thought that given the current situation we should at least consider action.

Perhaps you could call upon friends to sponsor a wǔxiá movie marathon? Perhaps you could create a video of some sort that drives home the message of need and end it with a request for donations? Perhaps you could Cosplay in a public place with friends and buckets?

The possibilities are endless.

Do we – fans of wǔxiá – not owe it a chance?

If not for the desperate people, then for the message and heart that we all have come to adore and believe in?

4 thoughts on “How To: Be A Xiá

  1. drunkensword says:

    I wish I could join you in a Cosplay for Causes,

    I must think of something I can do also.

  2. Piano Links says:

    Piano Links

    My brother recommended I might like this blog. He was entirely right. This post truly made my day. You can not imagine simply how much time I had spent for this information! Thanks!

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