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Nǐ hǎo!

It’s a new year and I’ve finally heard Auld Lang Syne enough to feel that 2013 is behind me. As you might know, I have set out plan after plan for this year which is both (already) stress inducing and a panic attack in the making. I would ask that you please look out for a project of mine coming up around summer. Unfortunately, naming not being my greatest talent, I have called it ‘Cosplay (original): Wǔxiá Regency Steampunk’.

Right now, however, I am tangling with Duchess Satin White (yes, the fabric used to make bridal gowns) to Cosplay Zhào Líng’er which has to be finished before mid-February.

Speaking of Zhào Líng’er, her actress, the inhumanly gorgeous Liú Yì Fēi, has covered the theme song for her new movie The Four 2.

I loved the first movie so I really am impatient for this one. Here, I really do adore her version of this song. However, like others, I feel that perhaps the original singer is… preferable? That’s not to say that I dislike this version in comparison.

For fans of this movie series there are scenes that I have yet to see in any trailer. That excited me quite a bit. Where is your wheelchair, Wúqíng? How are you running? Oh! Does it work like acupuncture?

Now, my Chinese is incredibly rusty. I haven’t come close to speaking it in almost eleven years. I don’t think I was very proficient in reading in any case. However, here is what I hope is an accurate translation:

One hand cannot hold quicksand

Two eyes cannot retain fallen petals

Wind and grass like wild horses fall to your heart

Please hold on, wait for the next time

One thousand birds catch flowing red clouds

Ten thousand butterflies arrived, but frost beat*

Water droplets to stone^, the wind scrapes my voice hoarse^

Will you let me lay down?

Heaven and earth, rivers and lakes, sun and moon^

Do not read, do not speak, without leaving ^

The bustling weak water of the world*

Three thousand poured how can it hold under?^

A cup of cold wind  blows

The setting sun out-performed the old horse

Looking back, the long hair was dyed white with snow

The great wind urged the youth^

An unchanged heart has scars*

I love you, love let me down

(Forget your love let me down)

A person able to reach the horizon

Both snow (and) field has sealed the shoots cannot live

May rising clouds fall  at your blossoming smile*

Please hold on, wait for the next time

One thousand words cannot speak of words of love

Ten thousand concerned letters I will never finish

Mountains gone far away, I am upset the wind is scraping*

Put down, will you let me down?

*Translated as ‘dozen’ twice and ‘beat / fight’ once.

-I chose to break the text up. Whether that right or not, or, if right, in the incorrect place, I have no idea.

^Probably speaking metaphorically; the softness of the water is comparable to the harshness of the stone. There was no comma. I added it as it seemed to make little sense in English (in my translation) without. It probably refers to a cold wind hurting the narrator’s throat or gives an effect of a voice being drowned out by wind repeatedly until the throat is sore.

^This is a literal translation. I fear, as so commonly found in far Eastern lyrics, there is a lyricism and poetry in its meaning. That is beyond my meagre skills and guess work.

^This either means ‘do not stay’ or ‘do not leave’. Thus, I chose the translation that came first.

*Weak water was the translation. I merely tried to make it fit in a sensible way.

^This was hard. From words like ‘pour / scoop’ to ‘how hold next’? I think under was the appropriate substitute. It could refer to holding something up under pressure.

^I somehow have the impression that I am clutching at straws. The translation I found said ‘the wind pushed the big boy’. Looking at the words separately, I found other meanings that I hope have relevance.

*To suit my translation needs (the one forbidden act in translating) I have forgone the word ‘appearance / face’.

*I will not lie. This has bamboozled me.

*I chose the original translation for ‘scraping’.

Here are the lyrics as I found them to those who are willing to try and translate. I found them on a video that was considerably longer. Thus, the lyrics are, of course, longer than in the video.

一只手 握不住流沙
两双眼 留不住落花
风吹草 云落下你心如野马
等下 时光请等一下
千只雀 追不上流霞
万只蝶 抵不过霜打
水滴石 风在刮我声音沙哑
放下 容我将你放下
不留不念 不说话
三千一瓢 怎盛下
风吹凉 一杯茶
回头看 雪染白长头发
少年被 风催大
我爱你 爱让我放下
(忘了你 爱让我放下)
一个人 走不到天涯
两场雪 封不住嫩芽
月升起 云落下你笑颜如花
等下 时光请等一下
千个字 说不出情话
万封信 写不完牵挂
山走远 风在刮我心乱如麻
放下 容我将你放下

Here is the transliteration:

Yī zhī shǒu wò bù zhù liúshā

Liǎng shuāngyǎn liú bù zhù luòhuā

Fēng chuī cǎo yún luòxià nǐ xīn rú yěmǎ

Děng xià shíguāng qǐng děng yīxià

Qiān zhǐ què zhuī bù shàng liúxiá

Wàn zhǐ dié dǐ bùguò shuāng dǎ

Shuǐdī shí fēng zài guā wǒ shēngyīn shāyǎ

Fàngxià róng wǒ jiāng nǐ fàngxià

Tiāndì jiānghú rì yuè

Bù liú bù niàn bù shuōhuà

Fánhuá shìjiè ruò shuǐ

Sānqiān yī piáo zěn shèng xià

Fēng chuī liáng yībēi chá

Xīyáng pǎo yíngle lǎo mǎ

Huítóu kàn xuě rǎn bái zhǎng tóufǎ

Shàonián bèi fēng cuī dà

Róngyán wèi gǎixīn yǒu bā

Wǒ ài nǐ ài ràng wǒ fàngxià

(Wàngle nǐ ài ràng wǒ fàngxià)

Yīgè rén zǒu bù dào tiānyá

Liǎng chǎng xuě fēng bù zhù nèn yá

Yuè shēng qǐ yún luòxià nǐ xiàoyán rúhuā

Děng xià shíguāng qǐng děng yīxià

Qiān gè zì shuō bu chū qínghuà

Wàn fēng xìn xiě bù wán qiānguà

Shān zǒu yuǎn fēng zài guā wǒ xīn luàn rú má

Fàngxià róng wǒ jiāng nǐ fàngxià

I hope to do more articles on theme songs which I like. They will not always include translations done half-haphazardly by me. I promise.

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