Just Horsin’ Around!


It’s 2014 and the Year of the Horse is just around the corner! A general tradition on this most auspicious day when most of China shuts down for up to two weeks is the giving of red envelopes. Unfortunately, I can’t send you guys any because this is through a laptop and I’m a mini miser, but I can give you some things that I think ought to put a great big smile on your face!

Though, firstly, may I suggest that you say ‘Gōng xǐ fā cái, hóng bāo ná lái’? It means something along the lines of ‘Happy New Year, give me a red envelope’. I’ve never personally said it, but I’m hoping that it should come in useful.

A selection of fun and cheery things is included below the cut. They are under a short list of sayings which I have compiled that may or may not prove useful to you in 2014.

Gōng xǐ fā cái – 恭喜發財

Gōng xǐ means congratulations. Fā cái is fortune or prosperity.

Xīn nián kuài lè – 新年快樂

Happy New Year.

Hóng bāo – 紅包

Red envelope.

Mǎ – 媽


Mǎ mǎ hū hū – 馬馬虎虎

So-so. (Literally, horse horse tiger tiger)

Source - Digmandarin (Facebook)

Source – Digmandarin (Facebook)

There is a link alongside the image. I recommend that you follow it. Personally, I love the inclusion of ancient to current as I simply adore des langues mortes. There are good links on the website for those learning Chinese. I plan to publish an article soon that will hopefully aid in that too. For now all I can say is, I recommend learning written and spoken together. Simplified Chinese would be best avoided.


Source – TheEvozi (I did try to paste the text alone)

I know that this is the Year of the (Wood) Horse, but…. That sheep! It’s so DUMPY!

Source - XianJian.com

Source – XianJian.com

Source - XianJian.com

Source – XianJian.com

I love this time of year!

I always, always try out some New Year’s Resolutions and goals and when I think some are good / worth pursuing / that I have chance of succeeding in then I continue past Chinese New Year. They usually work extremely well because of that. Well, they work better.

What resolutions and / or goals do you think you’re going to carry on past this Chinese New Year?

I’ve got a lot of resolutions and goals to keep – collect more Xian Jiàn and Gǔ Jiàn goodies, complete (at minimum) two Cosplays, trial phase for a clothes company, publish my second book, read more books, learn to draw, learn about Hungary, learn as many languages as fluently as possible, get back to school and pass even if it kills me, one (at minimum) veggie meal per week, control my meal portions, be able to perform one sit up… I’m also going to be more active online!

ForTheRightsofTheYoungChina Sorrows and AncientSwordLegends are all going to be more active! Well, maybe not ForTheRightsofTheYoung. I’m terrible with that one. It’s the most important, and yet…


I should add another one, right? Be more happy! Be more light-hearted!

Can’t anything about my sanity though. How long might it be before I go crazy from lack of sleep? Then again, any person wanting to move to a country just because she feels an affinity with the language… Yea, I’m insane. Let’s hope that gives us all a good time in the articles to come! Archaic Chinese, here I come!

Gōng xǐ fā cái! I wish you all prosperity and fortune in the Year of the Wood Element Horse!


Source - XianJian.com

Source – XianJian.com

(I claim no ownership to the images/videos/games. I added them only for the purpose of entertainment for my readers and will remove them if requested)

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