Blind Review ~ Q & A (天天有喜)

I have previously begun this series. Unfortunately, it seems that the document did not save. I hadn’t realised so until now. Usually when such a thing happens I retreat into my shell and weep and weep and weep inwardly. I swore to do better with my articles this year and I intend to keep that vow. Another grave misfortune is the destruction of that channel I was following. I have no idea now where to find the episodes.

I have found a channel that goes up to episode four. I will take notes once more and write them up again. I will also be searching for a another source to the best of my ability. I won’t give up. I might have to resort to blindly reviewing ‘Holy Pearl‘ a lot sooner than I had anticipated! You know, just to be able to keep working.

I also have included a small excerpt from the beginning of my review of episode one. It outlines some of the ‘conditions’ of my blind reviews for this series. Well, I suppose you could call them that. I’d personally rather not be so formal with it. You should know, this is from my original writing of the review. Therefore, I cannot vouch for its utmost accuracy. I did see a little of episode two, after all.

Oh, and it should be said… I wrote this originally last year. Unfortunately, the Doctor has yet to come and collect me in his Tardis. Please don’t speak of that. I’m dreadfully disappointed. Can you imagine the amazing kind of wǔxiá novels I could write if I were allowed back then?


Let’s begin!


This is a television series comprised of ninety episodes. It is wǔxiá. The title in English would be A Happy Life though if you try to translate the characters you find that in English it says Every Day Pregnant or some variation. This is most certainly fantasy with a lot of magic and thus special effects. I will be discussing the effects more in-depth later as I know many people have a deep dislike for them – I understand. I know why you feel the way you do, or, so I believe.

Before I go any further I want to clarify a few points that I feel are of the utmost importance regarding my reviews of this series –

  • I have watched this without subtitles.

{There were the customary subtitles that there always are in Chinese series (as far as I am aware) but they were Simplified – eugh}

  • I have not yet seen the second episode therefore what I tell you is mostly what I know to have happened in the episode I have watched or those before it.
  • Even if I come to despise this series I will continue to review as I have sworn to myself – and to you – that I would which may result in a lack of quality for us both.
  • If I come to despise this series I may soon change my mind as I have little understanding of Chinese and my anger could be roused by a misunderstanding on my part.
  • This is not a Tangren series.

You may be wondering why the creators (or not creators) of the series has been mentioned.

I have expressed my wandering eye and lack of attention to you many times before. That is why I am bone weary of Tangren – the game adaptations in particular. I feel that there are too many similarities in characters and pacing in the series that Tangren produces. While that is wonderful for fans – as they get what they want – it is nothing but a nuisance to me.

You will even find that my favourite actress – Liú Yì Fēi – has not been in as many productions as her peers. I am not making claims that Tangren relies on its cast or that its actors are over-used. Please don’t assume that I am. I am merely stating that I grow utterly exhausted with seeing the same faces over and over again.

Thus, you can always expect me to write articles for series and movies that stand apart from what other bloggers may write.

For now I am concentrating on Lā Fēng Entertainment. This company has produced Immortal Sword Hero (you can find information on WuxiaEdge) which, unfortunately, has not yet been released. Oh, but, wait a minute… Do you recognise the lead in those images? This company has also produced ‘Sacred Beads‘ or Holy Pearl.

I plan to blindly review Holy Pearl after this series. My interest in the series of InuYasha has made this impossible to resist. In my heart I have been terribly, terribly excited by this series for a long time. Unfortunately, I could not download it. I also plan to blindly review Immortal Sword Hero if ever the company can release it.

Q / A

Q: Why did you decide to watch and review this series?

A: I was on the YouTube channel Mainland China Cpop MV which I have been following since discovering this year’s lunar festival song there. There was a music video for one of the movies written about on the fantastic blog entitled The Fox Lover. I was desperate to see if there were any more videos with a wǔxiá background because that one was so utterly breath taking.

Q: What were your first impressions?

A: I thought that the effects looked very good. I was actually quite surprised by how amazing they were. I thought that the effects were better than any of the other ones from other series that I had seen or shown an interest in.

Q: Do you still retain the expectations that you first had when you saw the music video?

A: In some ways, yes. In others, no. The effects were not what I had expected them to be. I found that the quality was like that of other series. Some little things have suggested that they are of a better quality than I have seen though. That is exciting. However, the actual plot is something that still very much excites me. There is some confusion that is currently flooding my mind but I can bear that. I look forward to the experience.

Q: Has the music video given you some spoilers?

A: Yes, it has, unfortunately. The act of spoiling key events in a series through a trailer or a music video is fairly common for Chinese series. I was slightly heart broken, but I am still looking forward to the series immensely.

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