Speilet lyver Ikke

I’m sorry. I was going to use the Chinese title, then this caught my eye! It’s Norwegian! I feel so excited now! Let’s get started!

This is a mànhuá that I have just been really excited about. It’s English title is ‘Mirror Does Not Lie’. In Chinese that would be ‘魔鏡不說謊’. The pīnyīn comes out as ‘mó jìng bù shuōhuǎng’. You already know the Norwegian!

The description on the website said;

Within this seemingly old and broken antique mirror, appeared an unbelievably hot guy!? This magic mirror named “Yi Luo”; transformed and appeared before Teng Yu, announcing that it can answer three questions coming from the mirror’s owner. However, the answer from the magic mirror seems to deviate from reality, worse still, the answers come with a price?

There are four chapters available. I think that, perhaps, the original might have had a bonus chapter. I cannot say for certain, however.

Chapter one

(spoilers at end)

The mànhuá starts out in a classroom. Our heroine is Teng Yu and she has just been handed a quiz. One question is in relation to the fairy tale ‘Snow White’ and its truth telling mirror. We learn that Teng Yu hates ‘looking into mirrors’ by that one male friend that is ever present – the friend zone-d. We learn also that her father travels because he has a present for her and she refuses to go and get snacks with the friend zone-d one because he’s come home.

Also, his gift is a mirror. That’s a father who doesn’t know his daughter very well.

Not only is it a mirror, but it’s a broken mirror. An ‘antique’, he says, though it’s revealed that he’s brought home many ‘antiques’. However, as you have probably surmised by the description above, it isn’t an ordinary mirror. What’s the first clue (aside from being broken)? It has a name – the ‘Blood Stone Mirror’. Teng Yu understandably thinks it’s creepy.

Now, what do you do when you get a broken mirror? That’s right! You touch the cracked glass! After all, nothing bad can happen if you do that. It certainly won’t cut you. It also most certainly won’t slurp up your blood and turn into a person! Now, regardless of what the title said, I don’t think he’s handsome. Though I am a sucker for red hair…

Then there’s the three questions. The first question is about her mother. I won’t go into further detail on that. However, in her sleep, Yi Luo peered into her dreams (handy ability) and made a rather off-hand comment:

Oh well… I’ll wait till you finish asking the three questions! And then I’ll…

Well, it seems Yi Luo is out of luck. Teng Yu asks her second question, throws a fit and then claims that she doesn’t want to ask anything else because the ‘truth’ has caused pain. Then we cut to Yi Luo being bitter. He’s apparently hundreds of years old with a bit of a grudge against human nature.


A sighting in the street calls his credibility into question. So she goes, armed with a question that… has nothing to do with the sighting?

She gets to keep him around for a little longer though. It just takes a little of her blood to achieve that end. I have to admit, while I understand how ‘love at first sight’, though not it’s littler side, ‘attraction at first sight’, works and thrives, I still think it’s a little rushed. I mean, after all, and I love vampire novels, he did say he was going to eat you, and that he didn’t like you and you still brought him back. —


I’ll give it a 6 or 7 out of ten. It’s interesting, but kind of clunky and the plot feels a bit heavy handed at times but it’s got more to give. He’s a serial liar so there’s plenty of opportunities for things to happen relating to that and considering his age. I mean, it would be cool if the relation of someone whose questions he answered came charging into the story, bent on vengeance for something relating to his answer, but I wouldn’t expect too much of that. I think you’d need a lot more chapters to work that in. It also seems quite deep for this particular story.

Teng Yu is… kind of typical. She’s the kind of heroine that you can expect of Eastern ‘comics’. I wouldn’t necessarily say that it’s a bad thing. I enjoy a lot of these. It’s just a little repetitive at times. Yi Luo is kind of typical too. He’s the mysterious guy that our plucky heroine can’t shove out of her brain. However, I’ve never come across mirror people in any book, comic, manga, television or movies (except in Snow White, but that might not be a mirror ‘person’). So I don’t really know that much about how they work. What I have learned is interesting, but I really hope that the creator isn’t content with all that has been explained thus far. I want more

Now, let’s see if the ‘schedule’ button works! Tell me on the 8th!

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