I really am sorry for my lack of presence here. I did intend to publish articles every two or three days. Writing this, it’s been about a week already since I last did any work on any of my blogs. By the time I reach the end we might all be living in our labyrinth surrounded castles full of diminutive little… I watched a movie and now I’m a hardcore addict. Addiction is hard.

So, you see, I cannot make this entirely about wǔxiá. That’s the only way that I could tear myself away from the cruel hold of the fan-videos, fan-fiction, fan-comics, audio version of the fan-comics and re-watching the video. That’s why this article is taking a sweeter approach. This is a mess of wǔxiá, games, films, television series and movies. Those include animations.

Have this as an apology:

搶先試聽主題曲請點擊 :http://bit.ly/1dmVvr5
點擊直接玩 :http://bit.ly/182U9tY

I really, really love that there’s a new song for Xian Jiàn. Well, is that really a surprise?

It’s about that time of the year. I kind of would have preferred to do this around the Double Seventh Festival. Actually, you know, I could do another around then. Ah~ That makes me feel better. So, I suppose that leaves us with only one thing to do.


Well, well, well, look who’s crept to the top of the pile!

All right, let’s not kid ourselves. We all know that I’m not that strong. Gosh, I hope this doesn’t affect the rest of the pile…

Labyrinth (tag line):

Where everything seems possible and nothing is what it seems

His name is Jareth. He is thought to be a Fae (by fans) and goes by the title of Goblin King. With an army of goblins, a realm, a castle and a wonderfully horrid labyrinth, he is the villain of the 1986 PG (someone didn’t tell the costume designer) fantasy film that currently has me hook, line and sinker. Yes, that’s Labyrinth. Also, yes, that’s David Bowie. The soundtrack is partially his. XD

Her name is Sarah Williams. She is a mortal, and a dreamer (with a teddy named Lancelot, costumes, scripts which she acts out when in the park) who dreams of acting. She lives with her dog, little brother, Toby, her father and step-mother. Following a rehearsal, she speaks those all powerful words! “I wish the goblins would come and take you away – right now!” Her brother is gone, and the owl that had been watching her has turned into Jareth.

Why have I decided to add these two here? Other than my obsession with this movie, you could argue that there’s nothing romantic here. Any romance, you could also argue, would be like that of Twilight or Hush Hush. It would be controlling, somewhat bullying… However, this might just make you able to forgive that: Jareth’s Motivation.

Besides, I admit it, I’m a sucker. I can’t help myself. They look so, so, so good together. Moreover, with that back-story, the hundreds of thousands of fan-fiction, the two web comics, Girls Next Door and Roommates, the audio dub of Girls Next Door on YouTube, the manga, the Marvel comic, the novels… It never has to end. There are so many positive spins of their relationship and it’s all there to be ogled and loved.

Moreover, who doesn’t love “Nothing? Nothing? Nothing tra-la-la?!”, or, in Spanish, “Nada? Nada? Nada da da?!”

Favourite Couple Quote:

  • Everything that you wanted, I have done. You asked that child be taken, I took him. You cowered before me and I was frightening. I have reordered time, I have turned the world upside down, and I have done it all for you! I am exhausted from living up to your expectations of me. Isn’t that generous?

Oh, and have you seen that Masquerade scene? No?! What are you waiting for? Get your fingers tapping!

Xian Jiàn 5

Lóng Yōu is of a demonic lineage. He has been described as mature and smart. Someone once said that he is one of those people who can just look ahead and see the big picture. I’m so glad! I feel that these kinds of people are so rare. I could almost cry…

What actually makes me cry, however, is that he seems so close to human! His mother (was) is human, I’m sure. His father was only part demon. Yet, because of this tiny little trace, he can’t be with the one that he loves! After all, Heaven never was one to mix with Hell…

Xiǎo Mǎn is the granddaughter of Yī Pín (previously known as Xiāo Yáo), granddaughter of Líng’er, step-granddaughter of Yuè Rú, daughter of Yì Rú and (supposedly) the adopted son of Hǎi Táng. Should I also say that Ā Nú is Hǎi Táng’s original name? Yea, so this very precious Nǚ Wā descendant is stuck in a cycle of beautiful and tragic love stories. Oh, and it should be said, being half ‘possessed’ by a demon, Xiāo Yáo had to kill the poor guy. That’s if the theory is right. You can find out if you play the online game.

Now, as you very well know, humans, demons and Celestial Beings are not allowed to be with one another. It’s a law of Heaven. The only exceptions are the descendants of Nǚ Wā. They can be with humans. That’s allowed only because, well, the Descendants are always female. As far as I’m aware, they’re all only children too. I mean, the child always absorbs the powers (life) of her mother. It makes sense even though it’s undoubtedly unfair.

Since my Chinese is currently terrible, I can only give you guys this.

By the way, the pmame channels are amazing. There are lyrics in the description area as well if you want to study them a bit.

How could I not mention these two? You know how I feel about the television adaptations of this franchise. I won’t say any further on that matter. My next article of this nature will deal with the game, but, for now… Please help me find this song and singer! I’m so desperate!

Yes. He is Li Xiāo Yáo. She is Zhào Líng’er. I can’t go into any back-story with these two. Tangren changed just about as much of it (and their personalities) as they possibly could. All right, I’m miffed. Deal with it. It’s not an adaptation. It’s a ‘based on’ dressed as an adaptation. My opinion is set.

This is one of the greatest love stories of all time. They’re very nearly the number one couple that I love. In fact, they might be my favourite. This is the ‘classic’ role playing game that defined a generation. This is classic Chinese wǔxiá. The franchise is still going strong, and that isn’t something that can be considered separate from these two. The games focus on moving and heartfelt love stories is never going to end. Neither is the succession of their lineage. Even when these games are without Xiāo Yáo and Líng’er, their presence is always going to be there in their descendants. If that doesn’t mark these two out for their place in the franchise’s success, then I don’t know what is.

Thank you, Xiāo Yáo. Thank you, Líng’er. Personally, you taught me a lot. You made me think about my lack of action. You even saved my life. Of course I love you two forever. My beloved, my Xian Jiàn, my Gǔ Jiàn.

Ah…. Gǔ Jiàn, you are where I find that deepest rival to grant affection. Which do I love more? I can’t decide. Both have my love, much like Labyrinth. All three are blights, and yet all three are saviours.

Her name is Ā Ruǎn. She is a young woman; very lively, very lovely, sweet and a little excitable. She is not human.

His name is Xià Yí Zé. He is… a mystery. I think he’s from the same sect as Bǎi Lǐ Túsū from the first game. I don’t know what it’s called. However, judging from a few clips that I have watched through and through, I have the odd suspicion that Gǔ Jiàn 2 might just be a prequel. I’m just really bad at Chinese.

I don’t actually know all that much about him. I don’t know that much about her, either, to be honest. However, I almost listed them as my favourite couple ever. Yes, that’s right, they almost overtook Xiāo Yáo and Líng’er. I just fell in love with them. I had them shoved together in my head long before any clips were revealed. They look so cute together, and they have such a tragic little story of their own, too.

Of course, I’m missing all the details on that. However, from what I have seen, I know that it isn’t the happiest fate that awaits them. None of the religious sect men have happy endings. They always seem to be forced into following their sect’s rules by their ladies. I’m not saying that’s what happened here. Of course not! I don’t know…

There are little still images that come up at the end. Xià Yí Zé is standing alone. I can’t read the text. Ā Ruǎn is walking with him. Then again, as we know, she isn’t human, and therefore is technically guaranteed a tragic end.

I so wanted to use a video, but my favourite YouTube channel, itsSeudo, for all things Gǔ Jiàn and Xian Jiàn has been closed! I’m so depressed! Where am I supposed to get my Xià Yí Zé and Ā Ruǎn fix now? Do you realise just how much nothing I get when I type in their names? I want to sit in a corner and cry.

download (3)download (2)


These images are copyright of Soft Star, I’m sure. They’re not mine.

Oh! Wait a minute! Wait a minute!

Can they be together? Is it just a costume? Is it a curse?

Happy ending answer please!

download (4)


But, you know, even if they still can’t be together, I continue to keep my fingers crossed. I have so much hope in my heart. It’s unbelievable.

images (1)


I could swear that I saw this – months ago, it was – on the FaceBook page. Does that make this tied knot official? Please say yes!

Gǔ Jiàn

Be quick! Be quick! The television series is going to drown all these immaculate and priceless treasures! While you still can, go and watch them! It’s only a matter of time!

Oh shit.

The flood has already begun.

I’m just gonna go and cry in a corner.

Enjoy it while you can.

This is the fully dubbed version. There is an ‘incomplete’ dub (to my knowledge). By the way, the 少 means young. I’ve seen it defined as ‘small’, but in most contexts, as with this scene, it seems to work best as young. Just thought I’d say that. I like to show off my linguistic skills… if I have any. It really does look like xiǎo. The etymology’s all there for those interested.

As you can tell, our hero is a very upright and gentlemanly kind of chivalrous person. I wouldn’t count on that staying the same in the television series adaptation, however. They’ll probably turn him into

These two are, of course, Bǎi Lǐ Túsū and Fēng Qíng Xuě. The theme for the Gǔ Jiàn names are alcoholic beverages. She has a most beautiful name, wind clear snow. It kind of makes me want to become an alcoholic. Do you want a cute fact about names? She calls him ‘susu’!

They’re a lovely couple. They fit so well. He has this little ‘problem’ and she, being a part of the Nǚ Wā Sect (or something similar), has this amazing capacity to heal. He wakes up at one point, and he’s on her bed because she took him back after a ‘fit’ and she’s holding his hand! If you don’t know already, there’s this blue glow that envelopes her hands when she heals him and she was keeping him safe and healed and all nice and good. She must have stayed up so that her hand didn’t come away during the night. Isn’t that sweet?


In the end, Túsū ‘dies’, but without a complete soul, he can’t go on to the afterlife. It’s his last life. Knowing this, Qíng Xuě makes a deal with the Goddess Nǚ Wā. She will have no afterlife and she will have no re-incarnation. In exchange, she will live one long life. So she searches for a new body for Túsū’s fractured piece of soul so that they can both live one long, last life together.


They’re so cute. They’re one the best couples.

So, I think that’s it for now.

We’ve got Labyrinth, we’ve got Xian Jiàn and it’s mirror opposite Gǔ Jiàn. I think that’s enough love and tragedy for now. There are so many more couples that I want to share with you. I’m really, really excited to do this again. I hope you’ll join me when I do!

Oh, and I’ve noticed that I’ve been getting at least three views per day. Thank you so much! It’ makes me glad that people are reading this. This blog, oh! I just… I just… Je l’adore. Je l’adore! Thank you one and all!


5 thoughts on “永恆

  1. drunkensword says:

    Great post, and that new song from Xian Jiàn is amazing!!

    • Aw, thanks for the compliment, and I completely agree with about the song.
      I’m sorry that I couldn’t provide the lyrics.

      • drunkensword says:

        I found the lyrics !!

        《宿命橫著寫》 詞/方文山
        我宿命橫著寫 故事帶淚
        若緣份與世隔絕 你 愛過誰
        刀光劍影聲聲 生離別 我微醉
        淒美 看著血
        這武林恩怨 怎麼描繪
        盡是紅顏 在落淚
        你仰望天地 怎能無愧
        怎能令我 徒增憔悴
        或許 天註定 誓言給誰
        卻又偏偏 虛擲 了歲月
        這 千年的 愛恨跟了誰 我揮劍 斷輪迴
        我宿命橫著寫 故事帶淚
        若緣份與世隔絕 你 愛過誰
        刀光劍影聲聲 生離別 我微醉
        淒美 看著血
        我宿命橫著寫 故事殘缺
        有你的部份章節 被 誰翻閱
        天涯又能幾回 嘆華髮 已染雪
        你卻 不了解
        虛名的世界 功名易碎
        英雄豪傑 盡凋謝
        爭天下第一 又苦了誰
        我人間飄零 獨飲傷悲
        試問 江湖路 逍遙了誰
        生死或許 瀟洒 的面對
        愛 卻讓人 柔腸寸斷的 放不下 那一切
        我宿命橫著寫 故事殘缺
        有你的部份章節 被 誰翻閱
        天涯又能幾回 嘆華髮 已染雪
        你卻 不了解

        only thing we need to do now is translate : )

  2. […] am going to be doing a sort of series of articles on my favourite couples. I realised after writing 永恆 that I really, really like proclaiming my ships to the world. Because they’re so pretty. […]

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