April Fools?

Please, someone tell me that this is an April Fools. I know what reputation China has for goods, I’ve lived my entire life with that hanging over my head, but… Seriously? This isn’t actually ‘real’, is it?

You’re probably wondering why I’ve become so worked up over a game. Well, I do like games. I do like foreign games – FaceBook games especially. This could be a FaceBook game, though the graphics a bit advanced for any that I know…

Do you see this?

Look at the pretty little blossoms! Look at them!


I suppose that I should stop beating around the bush.

All right. It’s the blatant thievery of blossom and lake area of the island in Xian Jiàn. Those of you who have downloaded the i-Pod game that I previously discussed here might hazily recognise that mountainous scene as well. Why ‘hazily’? Well, the graphics certainly won’t win it any awards now.

I know, I know… This seems to be a huge over-reaction on my part. It isn’t. I swear that it isn’t. I can give you more proof. If your memory serves you better than what most people consider the span of a goldfish then I trust that you’ll pick out some stellar resemblances here.

Also, yes, I am fully aware that the online Xian Jiàn game is made by G-Mei. I believe that’s what the company specialises in.

However, this is not okay. With the notable exception of Tangren, you can’t keep bringing up the same scenes and formula if you want to succeed! Besides, it’s a well-known fact that I am a huge Xian Jiàn (game) fan and this is just going to drive me past any reasonable level of insanity.

Look, the other game looks great! Just, please, you know, come up with something original. Even if you own the rights to a scene it doesn’t mean you should bleed it dry! It’s so iconic in Xian Jiàn, too…

This whole fiasco has me quite upset. So, just as I did after first witnessing the scene stealing, I am going to listen to Ainutlaatuinen. I suggest that you do too.

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