April Round Up

I’m going to have more incomplete drafts than published articles at this rate…

This month has gifted me with curiosity. However, I must say that I’m extremely peeved. I really thought that there would be a whole hullabaloo about The Four 2 and The Fox Lover. Of course, Thought also shoved a feather up its ass and thought it could lay an egg… allegedly.

Talk about rotten luck! I bet Outcast has been released too without my knowing!

Okay, no, that’s probably really going to cause a hullabaloo. Really, though, Crystallized, I joined you so that I would be up to date on these releases. Ah, I guess movies aren’t particularly high on any blog / forum list. I still am not happy though.

That’s okay, I can go and sulk in a corner after this article!

You might want to too, you know, if you read on and don’t like spoilers.

WARNING: This is not a review

 220px-The_Fox_Lover_poster 2014-Four-2-poster

The Fox Lover and The Four 2. Two movies with posters that decided to cram in every necessary character that they could… These two movies piqued my curiosity (and my impatience for news) and so I watched them. Now I shall write of them.

I first began with The Four 2. I loved it. That theme song, Fàng Xià, translated as ‘Letting Go‘, is gorgeous. There are two versions. The movie version is by Hú Xià. The other version is by Liú Yì Fēi. It was played an awful lot, but I love it, so I don’t mind.

The Four 2 has stunning backgrounds and scenes and there was so much work and dedication. It’s obvious and it’s lovely. I always feel so happy knowing that the people who have made the movie or series or book or manga (adaptation or based on) love it and put so much effort into it – and that plot twist! Wow!

You know, when the rumours first circulated that Iron Fist was about to join the ‘love triangle’ I was terrified! I love Iron Fist, but he just isn’t going to go with Heartless. They don’t work. At least, they don’t work like that! Their dynamic is lovely to watch, but I love what they did!

That he was a part of the massacre of Heartless’ family just feels awesome because you just know that there’s something amazing waiting in the final part! Wow! Oh, and that Zhūgé Zhèng Wǒ knew about that the whole time! Oh! I love it! Some people hated it and thought it was corny or cheesy or overdone. I thought it was great. I love that Liú Yì Fēi got to do so much. So many people criticise her acting. She’s not the best. A vast majority aren’t the best, but she’s great in her own right!

I kind of know how that’s going to end. I mean, there isn’t much information about The Four 3, but there’s no indication (that I’m aware of) that it’s going to be called The Three. That, and I’m really enjoying watching Cold Blood and Heartless. They’re so sweet. I ship them all the way to the edges of infinity and I’m not ashamed to say it! Now we just need to find a way to edge Jī Yáo Huā out of this triangle and get Heartless back in – please don’t make this a tragedy!

That being said, I am a sucker for tragedy…

Just give Life Snatcher some more screen time and I’ll be on your side no matter your style of ending!

The Fox Lover is a gorgeous movie. The backdrops, the attire, the love… I didn’t really like the first half. I loved the second! The second half was wonderful and marvellous and beautiful and tragic – why did they all have to die? – and I loved it! I was a bit stunned by the er, uh… ‘bed business’ scenes, but they’re just not in things that I watch.

The second half is stunning and its execution is perfection! I kept wanting to shout, ‘Poor Líng’er!‘ and then wanting to shout ‘Please don’t let this happen to Xiǎo Cuī!‘! Of course, they did. They did and it still hurts. I just love tragedy so much! It’s like hugging a bonfire!

Oh, and the music is just to die for! In The Four 2 I loved ‘Letting Go’, but in The Fox Lover, I just it all. The songs aren’t just gorgeous, they’re memorable. They’re so memorable. It’s wonderful. My first taste of The Fox Lover was the music video. Let me tell you, when that song started playing as Xiǎo Cuī danced I felt like someone tugged on my heart. It was so sad!

Speaking of sadness, Xiǎo Cuī’s death scene is one of the best death scenes that I’ve ever seen! Somehow, that isn’t as great a compliment as it seems. You see, I don’t usually see death scenes. I’m usually scrambling for my tissues and rubbing my eyes red to get a glimpse of the tragedy unveiling itself on screen. This time I saw it all without even the slightest tear or inclination to cry, but it’s still tragic and I wanted to cry. Kind of, I’m glad that I saw it. I’m glad that it was that spectacular.

A common ‘problem’ for me is the ‘over-acting’ that seems inherent in Asian series and films. It’s a style, I know, but it’s an exaggerated style and it grates on my nerves at times. Xiǎo Cuī’s death scene stands spectacularly exempt. As if it weren’t enough, her death made her the deaths of her sisters all the more hard hitting!

These are the movies that I’ve started and completed this month. I have a few things lined up, but it’s time that’s going to dictate whether I’ll be able to actually go ahead with a March Round Up. I’m probably going to do a review on these movies at some later date and go into them at greater length (if ever I get the hang of reviewing). I don’t see them happening particularly soon either.

Have a good next month!

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