Bored in Běijīng

Fifteen days I spent in Běijīng, China. In fact, it was one week ago and two days that I got on the flight back. It was (approximately) an eighteen hour journey. And it was Hell. This article is not about the journey, however. Though some things about the travel should be mentioned:

  • It is worse  to travel from West to East than it is to go from East from West.
  • The jet lag that comes with long haul flights has no redeeming feature – i.e., love where you are going.
  • Fifteen days does is not long enough to recover from jet lag from a that long haul journey.

Add in my sleeping condition – which, thank Gods, did not do me any excess harm despite only getting five hours of sleep per night – I was not particularly ready and raring to go. In fact, I was downright miserable (as were my parents, though to a lesser degree) for a week (them, the first. Me, the second). The ‘elevator head’ was mostly to blame for that.

It’s, you know, that weird and disorientating feeling that you get in your when the elevator starts going up or is coming to a stop. It’s horrible. And, like the tiredness, it comes and goes in sudden, erratic waves.


China has banned YouTube, FaceBook, Google, DollDivine and WordPress. There will be others, yes, but those are the ones that I went searching for. You know, just in case I got lucky.

I did not.

Unless you count Wikipedia.

I do!

However I now have a list of websites that I very much enjoyed. So I thought I’d share them with you.

If ever you find yourself in China and are stuck inside with jet lag you can always come and check it… No. Better write it down in a notebook. It’s always good to take a notebook. Just remember that it’s hard as Hell to find pencils. I wanted to share a sketch of Bōhǎi with you, but…

I want to thank Wuxia Edge, Ashe Ryder, Chinese Paladin and Rinmaru. You were all guardians of my sanity, whatever amount I may have. Although, technically, Ashe Ryder obliterated my heart and made me weep like a… Like a monsoon. So, yea, I’m actually a huge softie. You really should devour ‘Roommates‘. It’s awesome.

And there’s Sūn Wùkōng! Later, yes, but he’s there, being awesome with the ever amazing trickster Anansi. So, yeah, Roommates is on DeviantArt. If you’re getting really, really addicted to it then you can also go a-hunting for Girls Next Door which has an awesome web-series on YouTube.

So I’m going to say a bit about Rinmaru. Please, guys, don’t rush ahead. I know that it’s not really a guy ‘thing’. There’s so much awesome in it.

(sorry for the quality. It wouldn’t save to my laptop)

For instance, here we have Pokémon trainer Líng’er-


And fantasy style Bǎilǐ Túsū and Fēng Qíng Xuě.


It’s so fun~~~

Though I will never understand why they banned DollDivine and AzaleasDolls. I mean, I could use Wikipedia to my heart’s content. Why block dress up games? Is it because DollDivine has a Yáng Mì, Gōng, New My Fair Princess and 天天有喜 game? ’cause that’s just stupid. Oh well.

Hey, do you know what’s amazing?

We got this!

Who watched all of season one of Adventure Time? I did! Booyah!

By the way, there were adverts (in English) for a game called Monkey King. So, you know, that looked cool. With my work, I can get a little paranoid so I didn’t want to download anything while I was in China. Yea. It’s weird. I know. I blame the jet lag for any actions of mine that didn’t make sense.

If you’re in China and you’re having a bad day with jet lag then you really should check out Youku. As you can probably tell by the list of websites that I stalked and trawled through I went through a considerable Xian Jiàn phase. I have collected all of the amvs that I liked in a bookmarks folder. I’ll include some of them in a separate article.

What I really want to say about Youku is that you can watch movies a whole lot more easily than on YouTube. There is an official looking page that comes up and on it you can find playlists there with behind-the-scenes clips and interviews and the full movie. There are Chinese subtitles at the bottom, but they aren’t a problem.

I spent a very bad day glued to The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones. I also caught the start of The Hunger Games, though the wi-fi was slow that day. And don’t worry. I don’t watch or read anything unless I intend to hunt it down and add it to my shelves. So I’m not being all that detrimental to the entertainment industry.

Youku also has these ‘official’ pages for television series. I would really suggest checking some of them out.

In the end, though, what I ended up doing was working. I have to say that Google has the best translator. It’s the only one that I know of that includes the pīnyīn. Do you know how difficult it is to type out their names without- … Just ignore that bit.

So, all in all, I think I’m going to be flooding this blog for the next wee while.

Unfortunately, the holiday that I went on wasn’t about being a tourist. There aren’t many photographs of any worldly important places. I have some photographs of the place where I lived eleven years ago but I highly doubt that anyone’s interested in that.

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