Mid-Year Update

Tài lèi le…

Welcome to the Very Tired update article. Here we (because that is how I now refer to myself) shall solidify plans for the future, let secrets slip and try very hard not to fall asleep. Because jetlag is evil.

Firstly, I would like to apologise to DrunkenSword and to Mookie for not responding to their comments. We had a damnably hard time before we left for Běijīng – surgery for FiFi and viruses and other such nuisances kept us busy for a long while. All things which, I am glad to say, have come to a close – a proper, clean, alls-well-that-ends-well close.

I have read your comments, and I thank you very much for taking the time to comment. I’m sorry that I didn’t respond. I will – soon, in fact. You know, when I start to comprehend what time is, and space, and why the world spins.



I would also like to say that I do not ‘hate’ Tangren as I did. I do tend to go through things:

love -> confusion -> questioning -> dislike -> deep dislike – > loathing -> absolute loathing -> a mild improvement -> acceptance

I still believe that the RPG adaptions are sub-par, and the characters are the ‘same’, as are the clothes and the script can be a tad hackneyed in places, but, you know, it’s sorta inanely endearing (love that phrase).

However, I have fallen slightly out of love with wǔxiá. And, yes, it has a little to do with the reasons listed in the above paragraph. That, and the sorta Mary Sue / Gary Sue -ness of some of the leads. Don’t get me wrong. Mary Sues’ / Gary Sues’ can be really quite endearing. They can sometimes ‘work’. I’d just rather see less, and maybe something pioneering.

For instance, something that’s like Magi Madoka to the same-ness of Sailor Moon. Because the Magical Girl genre was getting a tad stale…

shall still be doing a lot of the things that I have been doing. The only exception in regards to what I have said I would do is probably the series review. It’s still going ahead. I’m just going to re-name it ‘Deaf Review‘. After all, I can see it. I know it’s been in the works for an absurdly long  time, but excuses.

Speaking of Tangren, you know that they have allegedly dropped PAL 5, right? Well… XD

Since last year or so I’ve been working on a… script. Teehee!!!

I don’t know much about copyright laws (not something I should be admitting), but I’m pretty certain that after X amount of years the copyright goes back to the company (Softstar). That means that if Tangren doesn’t do anything then I could bid for the rights. Then I could put my script to use~~~

Tangren’s adaptation will always be some good fun, but they changed more than enough to shift the heart of it. And I want to be faithful to it. Because I love it.

It’s a long way away if it’s at all possible. I mean, if there are Blue-ray releases that could (I think) work to keep the copyrights in Tangren’s hands. Which is a heart-breaking, but entirely plausible possibility. The Chinese Paladin franchise makes money. The main priority of any business is to make money. And it would be stupid, inane and petty of me to hold it against them for that. Besides, I have a few business plans of my own so I really can’t.

But I’m going to put some of my plans down here. You know, just in case I do get the chance to bid someday. Then maybe I could cite some degree of public support.

Firstly, I adore diversity. It’s one of those things that I’d jump up onto a soapbox with my megaphone about. So, at the – I think it could be called a port – and in various other places where there are markets I’d sneak in members of the wǔxiá fandom as merchants and such. It wouldn’t really be a role. It would just be an appearance, in costume, alongside the actors and maybe a little bit of VIP treatment (depending on how fast I splash my cash). Another aspect of the film / series would be what I have decided to call the ‘double take’. It’s so that we have two versions of each scene. One is in Mandarin. The other is in English. That way it could – and most blinkin’ well would – be released in English speaking countries in mainstream television channels / cinemas.

Because that’s how I roll.

Yeah. I haven’t decided which medium to do it in yet. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that the rights are different for movies so that I could do it if Tangren keeps doing series. I’m just not that hopeful.

I wanted to do that for Gǔ Jiàn too, but… Tangren beat me to it. So, yeah, I’m probably not going to be doing much – if anything – on that series because I’m quite unhappy with that fact.

So, yeah, I’m intending to wait until about 2020 for that. It’s expensive so I really need to get selling my books (and this is so not an attempt at self-promotion). Great news though – I did a lot of work while I was in Běijīng. They are coming on awesomely and I’m getting a bit excited.

I’m kind of stuck between Nightvale and Heros. But I think I might go with Heros – though for all of the reasons that I shouldn’t.

Think of Nǚ Wā and Þórr and Danu and Ζεύς. Then think of the Seelie and Unseelie Courts (thank you) and selkies and Chiang-shih and necromancers and strigoi. And then everything else that I can cram into my skull.

Because the world is not large enough for this series, but it’s too large for my brain to handle.

So, yeah, I think it might be Heros. The effort might kill me, but I’m really leaning towards Heros. Though the series has no end in sight. And the amount of research!

So, yeah, expect to be meeting Aoife (ee-fa) Tully sometime around next year. Or, if it’s Nightvale then prepare to meet Dorthornen and Neriène. The E that is written as ‘eh’ is pronounced as e as in egg. It’s n-eh-ree-eh-neh.

That’s a while away though. So I’ll round this off by actually explaining what’s going to be appearing on this blog in the coming months.

I am going to be doing a sort of series of articles on my favourite couples. I realised after writing 永恆 that I really, really like proclaiming my ships to the world. Because they’re so pretty. Also, because some deserved more space than I gave them and hundreds more have not been covered.

I am also going to be doing more reviews in the hopes that I can finally learn how to do a decent review. I think my review of The Four is probably the closest that I’ve gotten to being able to do a review, so I really need to hone my skills. Most of these reviews shall focus on mànhuá and shall commence as soon as I gather the funds because it’s Comic Con today and I have other lovelies to hoard.

Also, I will be updating my ChinaSorrows blog. So you will get to know the ins and outs of my attempts at Cosplaying. Though it’s been so long since my Ā Ruǎn Cosplay. I don’t know if I could get to the end of the explanation. This time, however, I’ve been keeping a better track of things. So you can find out all about my (mostly) failed attempt at Zhào Líng’er relatively soon. I tried making her staff too. Though since it’s papier mâché…

As I said in the previous article I shall be providing a shippy article list of Youku videos. And just to make it more clear, I shall say it again, I shall be doing my long awaited ‘deaf” review.

Pertaining to my recent trip to Běijīng, I shall be listing some places that are good to go to, some ‘what to expect’ stuff, thoughts on Běijīng, and also provide a list of extremely useful vocabulary. Běijīng style. Because what they have in phrase books are right, but not exactly… normal.

Until next time.


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