We are in the midst of a time of remembering.

This is the centenary year of World War I. It has been 70 years since D-Day. The Battle of Bannockburn took place 700 years ago. The Battle of Clontarf took place 1000 years ago. This is in Britain alone.

In remembrance of these people there is a project called Letter to the Unknown Soldier. While it is writing or typing a letter to one specific soldier, the unknown soldier whose statue stands in London’s Paddington Station, it is about more than just this one man.

We do not remember the war. Nor do we remember what war does to its country and it’s people. We cannot comprehend the difficulties or the tragedies. We can only remember that it happened and try to learn from its tragedies.

The Letter to the Unknown Soldier project is very important in that sense. To bring it back to public eye, to remember the wrongs and to actively be appreciative of what was lost and what we have gained and to remember it in such a personal way is probably the most we can do.

We have all paid tribute in minute long silences. We have all gone through the lessons in school. None of these tributes, these ways of remembering are as personal.

You don’t have to live in the United Kingdom to take part. You just have to have written or typed a letter. The guide suggests one hundred to five hundred words, but it is just a guide. It must be submitted before the 4th of August and must be written in such a way that people of all ages can read it.

I feel that this is a wonderful way to remember and pay homage to something so important.

If you do too, then please take part.

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