7/7 2014

Technically, this is a day late, but all things ‘me’ considered, that’s actually pretty early.

I adore the Xian Jiàn and Gǔ Jiàn games. They have wonderful morals embedded in them, are told beautifully and have the most heart-rending love stories.

Warning: spoilers ahead.

This is one of the videos that I watched when in Běijīng. Unfortunately, despite my intentions to post links to all of the videos, this is the only one that I can get to play. Therefore, it is the only one being shared.

Title –

视频: 【人物志】解愁肠,度思量,人间如梦,倚笑乘风凉—李逍遥


A chronicle of Li Xiāo Yáo, Zhào Líng’er, Lín Yuè Rú and Ā Nú (pre Xian Jiàn 5).

Notable Points:

The video uses a lot of clips from the original game, the Windows 95/ 98 DOS version, the sequel, clips from the original MMORPG release, what could well be a trailer for New Legend of Sword and Fairy (no longer new) and from New Chinese Paladin Online DREAM.


Title –



Li Xiāo Yáo and Lín Yuè Rú (仙劍奇俠傳).

There is a common misconception that I despise Lín Yuè Rú. I do not. I detest her television counter-part. I ship Xiāo Yáo and Yuè Rú just as much as I ship Xiāo Yáo and Zhào Líng’er. They are so beautiful together. Her support and love for him is just lovely.

Even if only for a short while, they were together. They were a family and no one can take that from them.


Title –

仙劍5 情蠱 中,英文字幕 小蠻主題曲 陳依婷 仙劍奇俠傳五 龍幽 English mv


Lóng Yōu and Xiǎo Mán (仙劍奇俠傳 五).

I always get this feeling when I see ‘young’ ones that makes me want to protect them. For instance, game Lóng Kuí and game Ā Nú (why must you age them, television?) and, of course, Xiǎo Mán. She and Lóng Yōu just rip at my heart. I love them so much, but they just cannot be. You see, Lóng Yōu is part demon. There’s no way that the descendant of a Goddess could be allowed to be with him…

Also, for the record, her guardian (and possible grandmother), is Ā Nú. She now goes by Hǎitáng (just as Xiāo Yáo goes by Yī Pín).

Title –



Bǎilǐ Túsū and Fēng Qíng Xuě (古劍奇譚).

This is one of my favourite couples. I especially love her sacrifice at the end and how she waits for him. Their promise is just glorious.

Title –



Xià Yí Zé and Ā Ruǎn.

She was my first Cosplay, so I think it’s rather obvious that she means a lot to me. However, it was partly because of her coupling with Xià Yí Zé that I chose her. I had set my sails and port was far behind me as I charged after the fabrics. That, and after watching some of the first clips released I cried… Partly because it was awesome and partly because I wanted them together since seeing their portraits and they weren’t in it… My couple love was not officialised and the angst was profuse! I’m not going to lie about this – I have a major couples crush on these two.

Once again, their ending is… Well, it leaves a lot to be desired by way of happiness. However, this doesn’t make me grieve as much as I do for the others. It just makes me fall even further in love with them.

Happy Belated Double Seventh Festival!

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