Love You’s and Goodbye’s

WuxiaEdge, love you.

DrunkenSword, love you.

Cfensi, Mookie – who am I kidding? I love you all!

My followers, too! I love you guys!

Love everyone, and everything, and if this is the end, then I just want you to know that.

I can be such a twat sometimes, especially fandom-wise, but you guys are some of the best of the best. And thank you for putting up with my stupidity and questions and ranting and rambling.

I really hope that this is all for nothing, but with Net Neutrality now dead in the water I’m really not expecting much.

So, again, you’re wonderful and great and the absolute best. And if this is it then I really just want to say thanks.

For the good times. For the bumpy times. For the laughs.

Thank you

One thought on “Love You’s and Goodbye’s

  1. drunkensword says:

    Thank you! You’re awesome!!

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