Xian Jiàn 六 – Heroine

The first heroine of Xian Jiàn 六 has been released.

Her name is Yuè Qí – which, if Google Translate is to be believed, means ‘pray more’.

Yuè Qí

Her character poem is as follows:


I found this information on – http://gnn.gamer.com.tw/9/108399.html

My suspicions that this game is going to be different to the others is seeming to be proven correct. The article introducing Yuè Qí and this page from the official website both mention change.

I personally adore the game already. I mean, look at Yuè Qí. Her fashion is completely on point. she looks like a ninja! Her hair is short! In a game set in ancient China her hair is short! Can you imagine how much that would make her stand out? The kind of derision that would attract? And just look at her, her face is so determined. She isn’t there to mess about. She’s getting stuff done and asses kicked. Probably without having to lift a finger. Amazing.

Even our hero is awesome. He’s got an eye patch! We live in such an ableist society that seeing a hero who wears an eye patch and wields a sword. Three words for you – hand eye co-ordination. Not that his fashion sense isn’t on point as well. It is. It so is.

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