Xian Jiàn 六 – Heroes

Paladin 6 Heroes

There has been a strange development in the Xian Jiàn 六 game. Two characters have just been unveiled. They are Luò Zhāo Yán and Luò Zhāo Yán.

Yes. Even the characters [洛昭言] are the same.

Their joint character poem is as follows:



Here in Scotland we’ve had a week or snow. Our internet connection has been somewhat compromised in regards to this. Google Translate has been unreliable during this time. However, I do believe that there was mention that one of the Luò Zhāo Yáns was intended to be male.

For that matter, am I the only one who finds that Luò Zhāo Yán looks similar to Asami from Legend of Korra?

Here are the two on their own.

Paladin 6 Heroes (II)

Paladin 6 Heroes (I)

More information can be found here.

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