3D, Setting & the Identity of the Silhouettes

My FaceBook feed has been flooded by photography pages, so I’ve missed quite a few big updates. And when I say big updates, I mean there have been BIG updates. For one, Xian Jiàn has time! YAY!

We’ve seen them before, but it’s Xian Jiàn so it’s not like there’s such a thing as too much. Besides, he looks a lot more dynamic here.

Paladin 3D (I)Paladin 3D (II)

Xian Jiàn now has time!

Bit strange to say, right? It does make sense.

It means that there is now a time element. The cities that we see during the day are going to light up as night descends.

I don’t know about you, but I really, really want to go for midnight strolls in the cities. I think that could look really beautiful. I hope that it doesn’t mean that there’s a time limit on getting things done though.

Palading setting I

Paladin setting II


Remember the first images that were released from Xian Jiàn 六? It was a while ago, December, I think. Let’s just refresh our memories.

Xian Jian 6 II

Gorgeous style.

Well, we know who they are now! And they are the most amazing group of people that I’ve seen from any Xian Jiàn game!

Like, look at them! We’ve got the cutest wee slugger and a metal arm. My favourite series is kicking ableism’s ass to the curb! Go, go representation!

Amazing Paladin Group I 扁絡桓 (Biǎn Luò Huán)

Amazing Paladin Group II 葛清霏 (Gé Qīng Fēi)

Amazing Paladin Group III 綺裡小媛 (Qǐ Lǐ Xiǎo Yuàn)

Amazing Paladin Group IV嬴旭危 (Yíng Xù Wēi)

I can guarantee you that I will be spending all of my money on anythingeverything that includes these four. I must have.

Well, that’s all the news I’ve got. I’ll leave you with this little beezer.


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