[Review] The Crossing Hero – Episode III


Having met Imperial Guards Péng Zé and Xiào Tiān, private detective Hóng Xiǎo Dōng re-awakened his past self, Hóng Xīdōng. As this was mid-battle, Hóng Xīdōng once more showed his martial prowess whilst also revealing that Zhāng Xiǎntíng is the re-incarnation of his wife.

Péng Zé and Xiào Tiān, having promised Mò Hán to behave, were quite creative in their attempts to pry the truth of the matter from Hóng Xiǎo Dōng. My favourite moment of this episode was when they claimed to have recognised that he isn’t Hóng Xīdōng only to later sneak into his room, flaming torch in hand and set some ‘body breaking bewitching paste’ – yes, that’s really the translation – on fire. The smoke is meant to act as a truth serum. All of it is hilarious. I would have liked their roles to extend beyond mere humour, but no.

Both Mò Hán’s and Zuǒ Yòu Shǒu’s roles have been severely cut back this episode. She was relegated to housekeeper and he was turned into a pervert. Mò Hán I don’t mind so much. She didn’t have much of a role this episode and she’s already got a solid character. Zuǒ Yòu Shǒu on the other hand, has still to be fleshed out beyond fan-boy and funny fat friend. Neither of which are particularly good characterisations.

Zhū Kě Shàng didn’t fare much better than the previous two in terms of character development and screen time. His only notable development in this episode is the revelation that he has a crush on Mò Hán. Which is adorable. If she weren’t so fixated on Hóng Xiǎo Dōng they would be so cute together.

Hóng Xiǎo Dōng, being the main character, has plenty of screen time. This episode he’s finally decided to be pro-active in using his powers! Which now also include seeing the future, helping him to avoid a bite from Zhāng Xiǎntíng. Yet again, however, the two are forced to team up. Given the promotional image I’d have thought it was going to be a lot more love triangle-ish.

Zhāng Xiǎntíng was given plenty of screen time. None of which particularly added anything to her character or the episode until the last quarter. An old man ran into her as she was lamenting her misfortune at work despite her recent slacking off to chase around Hóng Xiǎo Dōng and the Imperial Guards. He told her to take an amulet from him before anything happened to him and made her promise to only tell one person about it. Then he was snatched away by men claiming to be from an old folk’s home.

Unfortunately, this episode had little going for it. It was nice to see Hóng Xiǎo Dōng take control and make use of his powers though the only thing the episode really had going for it was the last minute confrontation scene. The episode really could have been condensed. For instance, Hóng Xīdōng had a split second appearance, called upon by the traditional Chinese music of Zhāng Xiǎntíng’s phone which was handled very quite badly. He promised to go back to her once his mission in taking back the pearl and restoring the ‘rightful’ emperor to the throne. However, given that he has been shown not to understand that he isn’t in his time this makes no sense as he knows it’s his wife he’s talking to.

The original web-series had sixty episodes. This version, I believe, has twenty eight. I can’t imagine how little content must have filled the original length. Perhaps this episode was hastily edited. However, I am a little disappointed in the quality of the episode overall.

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