On Reviews (30.08.15)

As you know, I’ve missed the deadline for uploading the episode four review of ‘The Crossing Hero‘. I apologise for this.

My laptop is approximately five years old and I haven’t been able to update it for a year or so. The last time I did my laptop stopped working completely. As it is so old, further problems have been affecting it. Currently, Flash is intermittent, everything is slow, almost sticky, videos cut out mid-way and the battery life seems shortened. This can occur every five minutes or every half an hour. Either way, it is proving extremely difficult to access episodes of ‘The Crossing Hero‘ and ‘天天有喜‘.

I will attempt to solve this issue as soon as possible. When it is, I will attempt to catch up to the amount of reviews scheduled. Until that time, however, I will attempt to make it up to you by revealing the surprise scheduled for September 30th tomorrow. You can find out about this surprise here and here.

This surprise will be announced here, though the full body of work will be found on Tumblr which you don’t need an account to access. This will not be affected by the issues relating to the laptop.

Thank you for your patience.

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