Can’t Wait for Chinese Paladin 5? Watch PAL Inn!

PAL Inn - Cover

A Youku original series PAL Inn is a hilarious merger of Xiān Jiàn games. There are thirty episodes in all of hilarity and nostalgia. It isn’t a ‘serious’ series. There wasn’t as much of a budget, which shows in the use of wooden swords, and it does take a lot of humour from more modern amenities – Plants VS Zombies, for one – but these are the characters that we love! And it’s so good to see them again!

Look at them! I absolutely adore the original in-game costumes so these character stills make me so happy!

PAL Inn - Character I Lǐ Xiāoyáo PAL Inn - Character IV Zhào Líng’ér

PAL Inn - Character II Lín Yuèrú PAL Inn - Character V Ā’nú

Aren’t they wonderful? Go and watch it! It’s magnificent!

You can find the episodes here!



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