Happy Belated Lantern Festival!

The schedule for uploading articles has been very unreliable lately. For that, I apologise. I am setting about remedying that right now. As usual, this update article will be mostly under the cut so as to save space for scrolling through actual articles of interest.

Thank you for your patience!

On the agenda are…






The schedule for The Crossing Hero will henceforth follow the various stages of the lunar cycle. I have set specific dates for each to be made public which shall be kept. However, I live in Scotland so I will follow this country’s time zone though it may not always be made public at the same time each time.

As for why a review was not uploaded on the twenty second, I was busy celebrating my birthday. I underestimated the time involved in reviewing and editing articles and so it was not ready to be scheduled before hand.

Reviews will be returning in force. Not only will The Crossing Hero updates be regular but movie reviews will return! And with them come a healthy sprinkling of yet to be revealed other media.

The movies chosen may not necessarily be wǔxiá. Other genres that you can expect will include

This is not your usual type of schedule. The dates for uploading articles will, primarily, follow the lunar calendar. You can find information on that here. This is the website that I am using as reference. The upload schedules will match the days of Full MoonWaning GibbousNew Moon and Waxing Gibbous.

The Crossing Hero will be uploaded on each date given unless I make a mistake with the scheduling. I do this frequently on Tumblr so I expect that it will happen here as well.

Reviews other than The Crossing Hero will also follow this scheduling. Which day it is made public is likely to be different each time. Regarding films, there will likely be only one review made public per lunar month.

While decisions have yet to be set in stone for the other types of reviews it is likely that they will be far more flexible than their movie counterparts though not as frequent as reviews for series such as The Crossing Hero.

Games are featured frequently on this blog. From the moment of its creation it has come, time and again, to focus on games despite the startling lack of popularity they are afforded. Articles on upcoming games and on their merchandise are making a return.

In particular, as my fluency in Mandarin increases, and as I’ve gotten a mobile phone now, I shall be writing about Chinese language games. The Play Store has few games from Softstar Entertainment Inc. in comparison to what was available on i-Tunes a few years ago. The games that are available are not as much of interest to me so these articles will feature mostly other companies until this situation changes.

My Mandarin Music Spotlight articles are – surprisingly – regularly scheduled. However, they are not entirely all that I mean by entertainment. From the aforementioned articles you can see that I’m particularly able at finding romanized lyrics. If you have a request, please make it. I would be more than happy to provide lyrics from your favourite OST’s and musical artists.

Another facet of this pertains once more to Tumblr. If you know me on Tumblr – theshadowofsorrow – you are aware of my stance on various matters pertaining to social justice. While I don’t expect these articles to garner any attention I would still like to write for them.

Once more, thank you, for staying with this blog. I appreciate that it is a difficult and fickle blog. However, I’m glad that you’re here. Thank you for visiting!




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