[Review] The Crossing Hero – Episode VII



Having turned a corner, the Imperial Guards and Hóng Xiǎo Dōng started getting on well. The staff of the agency then came together to investigate an upcoming jewellery exhibition they suspect might be connected to the Nine Turns Luminous Night Pearl.We open to everyone looking for clothes appropriate for getting the Imperial Guards into the jewellery exhibition. None of them were appropriate but it was nice to see Xiào Tiān and Péng Zé’s style. Péng Zé and Hóng Xiǎo Dōng really make some more progress this episode.

Mò Hán finally reveals some of her past! Unfortunately, as I’ve said, I realise this is an idol drama but the acting was so incredibly sub-par. It really detracts from what should have been a dramatic, tense scene. And I don’t just mean Kristen Ren. No one acted competently.

Zhāng Xiǎntíng finally gets to move into the agency! Unfortunately that also means we’re back to the maid costume shenanigan again. Hóng Xiǎo Dōng won their bet by making the character of the mistress even more vapid and dimwitted. I’ve got to applaud them for that. I didn’t think it was possible. As for what they’ve done to Zhāng Xiǎntíng, it doesn’t bear dwelling on. That level of degradation is incredible.

She sets her sights set on calling Hóng Xīdōng back via her ringtone but also on finding out more about him through Mò Hán but she’s as loyal as ever. Though she’s pointed in Zhū Kě Shàng‘s direction who gives in far too quickly considering he knows how personal it is to Hóng Xiǎo Dōng. He certainly insinuated that it was.

We’re treated then to Hóng Xiǎo Dōng and Zhū Kě Shàng in their teenage years. There’s another boy with them, whose name, unfortunately, I can’t find with the tones. Their friend, Xiao Bi, is regularly beaten up so they help teach him to fight. The episode ends with the three agreeing to help Hóng Xiǎo Dōng after his father was beaten by crooks.

Zuǒ Yòu Shǒu also appears in this episode. However, once again, he serves no purpose. I had thought that we might be told some of his backstory. We weren’t. He’s been relegated to a joke and they have no intention of moving beyond that. I can’t exactly say that I’m disappointed given the treatment of their male characters.

Episode Overview

There were some aspects that seemed extraneous. For instance, the cutaway scene where they went to what I think was supposed to be a fair to play a shooting game. It’s hard to tell. There was no one else there and there was no precedent for that scene coming up. Of course, there was the objectification that Zhāng Xiǎntíng was subjected to. However, this episode also drifted slightly into toxic masculinity territory for the past.

It was good to get to know some of the character’s backstories. It fleshes out Hóng Xiǎo Dōng and Zhū Kě Shàng who I didn’t think was going to get much attention. Hopefully there’s going to be of that for him.


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