[Review] The Crossing Hero – Notice


For some time now, I have viewed this series with disfavour. Its representation of its male and female characters have been the driving force behind this. Women do not deserve to be objectified, presented as clueless and helpless in the face of danger. Men do not deserve to be characterised as being as grotesquely perverse and misogynistic as this series has presented them. Not only is this wrong but it is also extremely careless writing.

However, it isn’t simply the characterisations that have fuelled this. As I’ve said, it’s lazy, careless writing. If you cared about your characters – if you want your audience to care about your characters – you flesh them out, you make them real. There’s a post going around Tumblr that goes along the lines of ‘your book is your thesis. Prove that they are real’. From what I have seen, this series doesn’t do that.

I apologise to those who have been reading these reviews.

I am not continuing with this series.

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