[Review] PAL Inn – Episode 一

PAL Inn - Cover

The marvellous world of Xiān Jiàn returns! This time our beloved protagonists are brought to us in the form of a web-series – with the help of Youku – to bring us glorious, glorious comedy.

I should preface this by saying that this might not entirely be objective… Because it’s Xiān Jiàn!

Caution: Comedic violence

Source: Viki (100% English subbed)


I love the beginning of Xiān Jiàn. I don’t know about anyone else, but it’s iconic to me. It sets up Lǐ Xiāoyáo’s character. He’s a dreamer. He aspires to be a great xiá. And, of course, he’s held in check by his ‘terrible’ aunt. PAL Inn takes this opening, changes it to suit its brand of humour perfectly so that we, as the viewer, don’t lose any of that. It’s twist is so fun too! I didn’t actually play at that time but the reference is completely on point.

Lǐ Xiāoyáo is so snarky here. It’s great. Snark and sass are some of my favourite types of humour. And so devious too! Don’t get me wrong, I enjoyed the depth and range that a full length series can give but a lighthearted setting is great too and he’s such a good fit for both.

I’m glad that we get to see more of Aunt Lǐ. I’ve always thought that she was amazing. My favourite part of the episode is actually her “competing with me… Me who has everything BIGGER than you!” scene.

Zhào Líng’er is a whirlwind of good fortune for the inn. Except for poor Lǐ Xiāoyáo. She doesn’t get much time in this episode but I hope that’s not going to be the case going forward. She’s one of the big three. She deserves more screen time!

You know you’re in trouble when Lǐ Xiāoyáo is calling you “idiot”. Lín Yuè Rú’s showing of masculinity was wonderfully camp. Her reason for staying at the inn is by far the best of the three. It suits her down to a T, too.

Ā Nú! One of my complaints about the Chinese Paladin adaptation was Ā Nú’s age. She’s fourteen years old in the game. I don’t know quite why neither adaptations included an age appropriate actress but at least here she looks younger than the others. I still adore her though. But I have to say that while I love food jokes about Ā Nú though her entrance was a little unsettling.

And can we talk about the outfits? I don’t care! We’re going to anyway! The costumes! I’ve always had a love for the in-game costumes over those of Tangren’s. They’re good too but I have a deep and profound love for the clothes that you find in games.

I’m so happy with this series. It’s only the first episode but I’m so happy with this series. This is an adaptation of a game and it’s constant nods to other games and it’s source material – as mentioned above – is just done in such a fun way. The character introductions are great. They tie it back into the source material and to Chinese Paladin 3. Even the opening kind of reminds me of some concept art that I’ve seen for some games.

I just really adore this series and I want you to too!

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