[Review] PAL Inn – Episode 二

PAL Inn - Cover

The dreamer, Lǐ Xiāoyáo, suddenly finds himself joined by three awesome young women – Zhào Líng’er, Lín Yuè Rú and Ā Nú – at his aunt’s inn. However, instead of drawing more customers their arrival has had the opposite effect!

Caution: Comedic violence; blood

Source: Viki (100% English subbed)

Though the decline in customers has been catastrophic it’s really Ā Nú’s appetite that’s threatening to do the business in!  Aunt Lǐ , who I’m pretty sure I can call my forever favourite at this point, rallies everyone round to sort things out. Partly by turning Lín Yuè Rú’s clothes into cleaning rags.

You know, I just adore this series so much. I was actually pretty happy to just have comedy but we’ve got a plot! We’ve actually got a plot. Hoping for a prize to give out on the Old Fool Festival, Aunt Lǐ  gets Zhào Líng’er to bring back some things from Xiān Líng Dǎo. One of which our very own old fool uses, managing to almost kill himself.

This results in chaos. Needless to say, Aunt Lǐ’s plan doesn’t really go to plan. With the power from the orb Lǐ Xiāoyáo’s arm does everything! Cooking, beating people up, writing… erotic poetry…

This episode really went further with the game aesthetic from the graphics used to emphasise expressions to the usage of textbox dialogue. That was really cool.

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