[Review] PAL Inn – Episode 四

PAL Inn - Cover

Aunt Lǐ’s blend of alcohol brings Sītú Zhōng! And the Moon Sect are driven off by Ā Nú eating their messenger pigeon!

Caution: Comedic violence

Sofurce: Viki (46% English subbed at the time of this review)

Having been taken as an apprentice a delighted Lǐ Xiāoyáo is desperate to be taken to train. However, Sītú Zhōng insists that Lǐ Xiāoyáo tells his family. He gives him two days or he won’t take him.

Another – likely the most – iconic scene of Xiān Jiàn is when Lǐ Xiāoyáo stumbles onto Zhào Líng’er bathing makes an appearance. I hadn’t expected that it would given how vastly different the set up and the coming together of the characters is. Seeing the other girls come rushing to help was awesome though not to the same degree as Aunt Lǐ. Aunt Lǐ is terrifying.

On the topic of Aunt Lǐ it was so nice to see her relationship with Lǐ Xiāoyáo given more depth. There is genuine love under that veneer of comedic violence. It was lovely that she wanted him to pursue his dreams and didn’t want to hold him back.

Unfortunately, this loveliness, the most lovely of all episodes, doesn’t even begin to make up for the episodes faults. Namely, Lín Yuè Rú’s homophobic comment and then she, Zhào Líng’er and Ā Nú being made helpless against the Moon Sect. Chinese Paladin was my entryway into wǔxiá. Why would you make them helpless? Lǐ Xiāoyáo shouldn’t have to save the day for them.

The only good thing about the Moon Sect being in this episode is to give the audience some clue about their schemes. The Moon Sect wants Zhào Líng’er so I’m quite eager to see how exactly they fit in. As for Sītú Zhōng, once more he recognises the mark on Lǐ Xiāoyáo’s arm but it’s not clarified how or where from so we’re left to assume it comes down to time travel again. Some clarification would have been nice even if they didn’t want to give everything away before he left…

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