[Review] PAL Inn – Episode 五

PAL Inn - Cover

Sītú Zhōng leaves without his hopeful would-be apprentice, Lǐ Xiāoyáo, whose defeat of the Moon Sect revealed that they have plans for Zhào Líng’er.

Caution: Comedic violence

Source: Viki (6% English subbed at the time of this review)

What an exciting episode this was! After the unfortunate and sexist implications of the last episode Lín Yuè Rú offers her grudging thanks to Lǐ Xiāoyáo for having saved them. In typical style, he rubs it in his face. However, the entire episode pretty much works as a get-back for that starting with camping in the courtyard when they hide the fire from Aunt Lǐ with Lǐ Xiāoyáo!

Deciding to sort out the issue in a boxing match, Lǐ Xiāoyáo is felled by a spectacular K.O. He doesn’t immediately regain consciousness which prompts Zhào Líng’er to try to heal him. Try being the operative word. All efforts are ceased by an uninvited guest dropping in.

Chóng Lóu.

And I have to say, he looks an amazing Chóng Lóu! I’ve always adored him. I really can’t wait to see what they’re going to do with him. Please be good! I’ve got all my fingers crossed! And I really hope that they’re going to start bringing in the others! And that we’re going to find out how all this time travel is possible!

It makes sense that Chóng Lóu might have something to do with it! It’s most likely that other one but I’m sure that Chóng Lóu will know something. He’s too powerful for just a throwaway cameo, isn’t he?

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