About Me

Ancient Sword Legends

I’ve gone and uploaded the page when I only wanted to save the draft… Why does this always happen to me?

Hello everyone.

I thought that it would be good to do this as many other bloggers have.

To those who are interested:

I am sixteen years of age by Western beliefs. In Korea, Japan and China I would be seventeen.

I am a Pisces. That inherently means that one fish drags me off in one direction at a hundred miles per hour while the other fish drags me in the opposite direction at the same speed. In essence, I fail at being diligent. I am naturally unable to keep to most tasks. I also have a naturally wandering mind that wanders to places whether I want it to or not.

If you want to know why I am pessimistic it’s because I live in Scotland. Yes, here we have one season, not four. That season is called ‘rain’. It’s inescapable but keeps the land pretty and green. The sole exception is when it snows, which is apparently in March now.

I am an incredibly boring person who considers writing an essay to be ‘fun’.

I write about what matters to me. This blog is one such example – wǔxiá, history, historical series, martial arts, swords, weapons, fantasy, books, romance, languages…

One thought on “About Me

  1. drunkensword says:

    Great information you have there about yourself! (LOL! about the fishes!)
    You had snow in march? We were having snow a few days ago, The Netherlands is just like Scotland! Only one season!

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