The 古劍奇譚三 Webpage is Up!!!

It’s actually up!

And they’ve already got lots on offer. You can see several locations in the game. They’ve got so many character designs, house designs, actual scene models There are audio files!

Under the title Yan Ling you can learn about the town of Fuling (鄢陵), which is so beautiful. It’s full to bursting with flowers.


The one with the heading of Guang Ming Ye is, I believe, outside the city of Tianlu. It’s so lovely and otherworldy. But more importantly, it leads to this link which shows scenery and models of the two brothers in a book! I think it’s a book.

My priorities are a little obvious, aren’t they?

The next one is Tian Lu Cheng! Which means Tian Lu City, or some variation thereof. And it is the most beautiful fantasy city I’ve seen in ages. It’s glorious!

GJQT3 Tian Lu

The last setting comes under the header of Yao Ye Wan… It’s a ruined city! A ruined city in the desert! The images with the sun trailing over the endless desert or the moon over the collapsed roofs…

And there are actually characters there too! It’s not abandoned.

The Audio section is really cool though. It has four parts. None of which are actually audio, funnily enough. Three of the four sections are yet more images but two of these focus on the characters. A few of them I’m not aware of. I’ve seen the blonde woman, the buff man and the creeptastic woman-child who looks like she uses magic but the white haired man and boy are new to me.

The woman with the maybe blood magic is just pure goth awesome. I can’t wait to find out more about her. If she’s a villain then the potential this game has just shot through the roof. So excited!

Definitely check out the video section though! They’re for download so you can keep them with you. There’s the first trailer with Beiluo and his brother. The second introduces two companions – Cen Ying, who looks a lot like Wen Renyu, but can’t be related because this is a stand-alone game, and Yun Wuyue (it means literally Cloud Without Moon). Whoa. I think Yun Wuyue has magic.

And we get another look at Beiluo too. I think this means they’ve moved away from turn based combat. I’d get excited but my laptop’s way too old to work with this game.

I have no idea what’s happening in the third video. The focus is on dialogue and I can’t really parse any words out from there. But it’s a short twenty three seconds and I don’t really hate the hair in that angle. I’m not sure if it’s her or not, and the other speaker was a boy, but I do think they’re maybe going the ‘cute one’ route with Cen Ying. And to that I say – you can’t follow up A Ruan with her.

Aside from that, I have to say that I’m still not too thrilled with the change in style. Don’t get me wrong, it is in many ways shaping up to be a beautiful looking game. But the hyper-realistic look they’re going for is a little… off-putting at times? The hair especially is taking some getting used to though I don’t think the styles are particularly helping matters.

Also – where’s 原天柿與主人? There was definitely mention of a 原天柿與主人 somewhere but not in the videos…


I thought that the out of nowhere steampunk of the second Gujian and sixth Xian Jian game had killed these series dead. I’ve never been so glad to be proven wrong.

I can’t embed a link to bilibili but if you can, watch this video instead. The official website links to this weibo account so I’m certain it’s official too. The odds of there ever being a translated version available is as low as it ever was but I have to hope that they know there’s interest over here too.

The trailer shows two characters who are brothers. The one dressed in black is Beiluo (北洛) and the one in white Xuan Ge (玄戈). Now, my Chinese is as useless as always, but I think there’s meant to be an evil king. Which is so exciting because they’ve gone to the demon realm for this one!


This symbol is captioned 辟邪族印记 on the wangyuan site

For anyone who can read better than I, this is the link to the actual web page. I’m so excited, you guys. You have no idea. This is the best thing to happen to me all year.

Official Hiatus


I believe it has been clear for some time now that this blog has become a shadow of its original self and strayed from its initial purpose. The Sino / Mandarin Music Spotlight posts were really a last ditch attempt at keeping this blog going. I don’t intend to give up those posts or this blog definitely. I have so many plans for this blog – the weapons posts, reviews, nerding out about my favourite couples, music posts… However, I don’t have the time to consistently post here at the moment and I don’t see this changing in the foreseeable future.

I will still be posting on my ChinaSorrows blog and you can find wǔxiá / xianxiá content there.

Thank you for following this blog. I hope you’ve enjoyed this time as much as I have.

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