Official Hiatus


I believe it has been clear for some time now that this blog has become a shadow of its original self and strayed from its initial purpose. The Sino / Mandarin Music Spotlight posts were really a last ditch attempt at keeping this blog going. I don’t intend to give up those posts or this blog definitely. I have so many plans for this blog – the weapons posts, reviews, nerding out about my favourite couples, music posts… However, I don’t have the time to consistently post here at the moment and I don’t see this changing in the foreseeable future.

I will still be posting on my ChinaSorrows blog and you can find wǔxiá / xianxiá content there.

Thank you for following this blog. I hope you’ve enjoyed this time as much as I have.

My best regards,



Mandarin Music Spotlight


Teresa Teng (Dèng Lìjūn / 鄧麗君 / 邓丽君), born May 8th, 1953, is one of the most famous singers to come from Taiwan. Her music was popular across countries and remains so even today. In particular, her song 月亮代表我的心 is considered a classic with some even saying that Chinese all over the world know it. Continue reading