Official Hiatus


I believe it has been clear for some time now that this blog has become a shadow of its original self and strayed from its initial purpose. The Sino / Mandarin Music Spotlight posts were really a last ditch attempt at keeping this blog going. I don’t intend to give up those posts or this blog definitely. I have so many plans for this blog – the weapons posts, reviews, nerding out about my favourite couples, music posts… However, I don’t have the time to consistently post here at the moment and I don’t see this changing in the foreseeable future.

I will still be posting on my ChinaSorrows blog and you can find wǔxiá / xianxiá content there.

Thank you for following this blog. I hope you’ve enjoyed this time as much as I have.

My best regards,


Happy Belated Lantern Festival!

The schedule for uploading articles has been very unreliable lately. For that, I apologise. I am setting about remedying that right now. As usual, this update article will be mostly under the cut so as to save space for scrolling through actual articles of interest.

Thank you for your patience!

On the agenda are…






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Mid-Autumn Surprise!

Surprise! Part One!

Much like Part Two, this surprise is open to everyone who wants to get involved. So feel free to pipe up with suggestions!

My apologies for unveiling the surprise later than was scheduled. Certain difficulties arose – but we’re here! It might be a little rough around the edges. There wasn’t as much time for editing as I would have liked, as per the difficulties and a current lack of historical knowledge, but I hope that you enjoy the surprise! Continue reading

On Reviews (30.08.15)

As you know, I’ve missed the deadline for uploading the episode four review of ‘The Crossing Hero‘. I apologise for this.

My laptop is approximately five years old and I haven’t been able to update it for a year or so. The last time I did my laptop stopped working completely. As it is so old, further problems have been affecting it. Currently, Flash is intermittent, everything is slow, almost sticky, videos cut out mid-way and the battery life seems shortened. This can occur every five minutes or every half an hour. Either way, it is proving extremely difficult to access episodes of ‘The Crossing Hero‘ and ‘天天有喜‘.

I will attempt to solve this issue as soon as possible. When it is, I will attempt to catch up to the amount of reviews scheduled. Until that time, however, I will attempt to make it up to you by revealing the surprise scheduled for September 30th tomorrow. You can find out about this surprise here and here.

This surprise will be announced here, though the full body of work will be found on Tumblr which you don’t need an account to access. This will not be affected by the issues relating to the laptop.

Thank you for your patience.

Xian Jiàn 六 – Mega Update Article

Paladin Six

The entirety of the Xian Jiàn 六 main cast has been released! I’m going to go ahead and call them the 六 Pantheon. It sounds cool. They’re cool. It’s a match made in Heaven.

We’ve gotten a look at some of their weapons and new settings have been revealed. We’ve also got an approximation for the game’s release – this summer. It’s been a long time coming, but I’m kind of sad that we’re already at this point. The excitement of scrolling through FaceBook and hopefully, maybe, perhaps finding something new is one of my favourite feelings and while there are hopefully still some releases to be had we’re winding down.

But listen to the theme song! Isn’t it beautiful?


The song has been composed by Zéng Zhìháo, written by ediq, arranged by Diū Zi (Lost Child). The singer is Qīng Nòng. The title translated into English is supposedly ‘Man in the Mirror’. According to what I can gleam from a page on the gnn.gamer Taiwanese website, there will possibly be four theme songs.

You can find the pīnyīn lyrics on my Tumblr right here.

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186 Days


You may remember that I said I had a surprise. I do. However, while many elements have been set in place already – which is why they have not been included in the poll- I have a few more questions.

Which trope is your favourite? Which do you like to see?

This poll is multiple choice. However, there is a limit of five choices per person.

I am so sorry for not being very active. English is suffocating me. However, I do have a little somethingsomething planned for you all. Just a little snippet of something completely unknown.

In the meantime, I was hoping that you might be able to answer a little question of mine.

I’m sorry about the lack of options. I used this as reference – neoseekerI also tried to find out about some more demon species, unfortunately that was more of less confined to a specific series that I can no longer locate. I think it was called something like ‘Bi Bo Xian Zi‘ (I found it years ago when trawling YouTube for the singer Xián Zi).

What can you do?

If there are any Chinese demons that you like that aren’t included then please leave me a comment with your answer. I will do my best.

Thank you very much!

Xian Jiàn 六 – Hero

Say hi to our new hero!

And what a hero we have! Can I get a high-five from the ‘we wish he were real club’? Haha…

I love eye patches.

Also, yay! He wasn’t in the initial sketches that were released! Amazing.

Chinese Paladin 6

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