Can’t Wait for Chinese Paladin 5? Watch PAL Inn!

PAL Inn - Cover

A Youku original series PAL Inn is a hilarious merger of Xiān Jiàn games. There are thirty episodes in all of hilarity and nostalgia. It isn’t a ‘serious’ series. There wasn’t as much of a budget, which shows in the use of wooden swords, and it does take a lot of humour from more modern amenities – Plants VS Zombies, for one – but these are the characters that we love! And it’s so good to see them again!

Look at them! I absolutely adore the original in-game costumes so these character stills make me so happy!

PAL Inn - Character I Lǐ Xiāoyáo PAL Inn - Character IV Zhào Líng’ér

PAL Inn - Character II Lín Yuèrú PAL Inn - Character V Ā’nú

Aren’t they wonderful? Go and watch it! It’s magnificent!

You can find the episodes here!




I really am sorry for my lack of presence here. I did intend to publish articles every two or three days. Writing this, it’s been about a week already since I last did any work on any of my blogs. By the time I reach the end we might all be living in our labyrinth surrounded castles full of diminutive little… I watched a movie and now I’m a hardcore addict. Addiction is hard.

So, you see, I cannot make this entirely about wǔxiá. That’s the only way that I could tear myself away from the cruel hold of the fan-videos, fan-fiction, fan-comics, audio version of the fan-comics and re-watching the video. That’s why this article is taking a sweeter approach. This is a mess of wǔxiá, games, films, television series and movies. Those include animations.

Have this as an apology:

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Break Point

Now, if you so allow me, I will commit to one act – an act that you may well deny; may well laugh in the face of; may well turn your back to. To those who continue onwards, I swear myself to this act.

I will break your hearts.

Here rests a video of one of the tragic of all tales of romance and valour. Here lies the sacrificial stone on which I place your hearts for the ritual bleeding. Here is the video which cannot stand to break you unless you know of its origins.

I will tell you – I shall speak, and with these words you will feel all hardiness slip away. Continue reading

30 Day Challenge

30 Day Challenge

I know, I know. I’m perfectly aware of what I said I would do.

This is just the first fish losing… Again.

I do have my exams though. I want to make it clear. They’re very important. I’ve not to school full time in three years. I’m at a little bit of a disadvantage, but I felt that it would be mean not to leave you guys with something while I’m off being bored.

It’s strange to think that I’ll be busy for the first time in my life… Wow, what a mental image. Didn’t think that’d ever happen!

Oh, yes, the next days will all be on this post too.

(You may notice that the French bit has a lot less detail… I’m sorry. I just don’t know how to convey a lot of my ranting) Continue reading



Do you know this is my fourth time trying to write this article?

I could never settle on an idea. I went through so many ideas like Sorcerer and the White Snake (which I promised), The Four (again, I promised), an idea of how to spread wǔxiá to the masses…

Now I’ve chosen to focus on gaming!

Yes, Softstar, I love you!!!

I’ve told you about Xian Jiàn and Gǔjiàn Qí Tán (2).

A few days ago Softstar Entertainment released two more games on the i-Tunes store. The descriptions for these games are in English!!!


 Now, I have no way to copy and paste the title… However, the one with the shorter title has the description;

‘In 1994, Softstar Entertainment INC., released a sequel of Xuān Yuán Jiàn (Xuān Yuán Sword / Sword of Yellow Emperor) in Taiwan (Táiwān), Japan and Korea. The Xuān Yuán Jiàn 2 use Chinese brush painting in the game and it is really significant idea at that time. The story line actually continued the story from Xuān Yuán Jiàn even the main character’s name has been changed. The Xuān Yuán Jiàn series contains rich traditional Chinese culture and some of the item in the game is referred to the historical stories, like “The Classic of Mountain and Seas”.

From Xuān Yuán Jiàn2, the series of Xuān Yuán Jiàn contains Chinese culture and it becomes one of the feature of the game.’

 Isn’t it cute? The person who typed that up was obviously not fluent! I love grammar, but it’s so endearing when someone with another language tries~

Oh, yea… The parts in brackets are parts that I saw fit to add in.

The one with the longer title has the description;

‘After Xuān Yuán Jiàn 2, Soft Star Entertainment INC. released “Maple Leaf Fall” which is contained lots of Chinese historical character , like Mozi (Mò Zi. Fans of Qín Shí Míng Yuè (The Bright Moon of Qín will know that he’s the founder of Mohism / Mòjiā), Guiguzi, Ruban, Bian Que, Sun Bin etc. (I know not of who they are so I’ll make no alterations to how their names are written)

The game’s story line is followed by those significant character and they build a visionary world which is contradiction and confliction. The story time set on B.C. 420, which is called the Warring States Period. In this period of time, the slavery system has been collapsed and the most of the people are willing to have a peaceful life. However, the peaceful life is like an impossible dream…’

 I have to admit that I know very little about Xuān Yuán Jiàn. I have no particular interest in the television series and my previous laptop wouldn’t let me play DOMO… I checked back months later but the images were like those in Chinese Paladin 2. I couldn’t play with them looking like that!

However, there is a FaceBook page. It’s under the title of 軒轅劍. They’re in the midst of releasing new information so there might be a new game coming? I followed a link to a Taiwanese webpage. I can’t find anything for mainland China.

km.softstar (dot) com (dot) tw


Topic (dot) aspx?tid (equals) 486

 I don’t know if I’m being paranoid or not… Links just don’t like me. They never have so I don’t tend to like them either. That’s why you can find them torn apart on anything I’ve done. XD

There’s a really good video there. I recommend watching it very much!


She came with this description







I’m really dumb though so don’t expect much from me, okay?

Her age is ‘seventeen up and down’. Her height is 163 centimentres. The bit with the question marks is apparently ‘identity’. I can’t, for the life of me, understand why they would do that! Why would you tell potential players who someone is?

She is apparently connected to a goddess… Her name, I think, is Chì Yī Zūn Zhě. I don’t understand any more than that.


I’m too much of a hopeless romantic not to include this…

(White Day is more known in Japan and being celebrated in Japan. It’s when women and girls give chocolate to boys or men as a love gift, out of courtesy or because of social obligation. It’s one month after Valentine’s Day

Wonder what happened to him? :O Is she a yandere?)

It says –



 I don’t know much… The translator says that it means;

Today’s temperature … for snuggling ~

White Day Happy Oh

 For those of you who want to lean Chinese. The first symbol is ‘today’, the second is ‘day’ and the third is the possessive particle. The first symbol of the second line is ‘large’ the third is ‘white’ and the sixth is ‘person’. I know very little.



 They’re really pretty so I wanted to share them!

《軒轅劍陸》遊戲設定 終極戰場

年假結束 下一次該期待的 是軒轅劍陸 降臨

It means

“Xuanyuanjian land game set the ultimate battlefield

Annual leave next end of the expected Xuanyuanjian land come

The white creature thing came with this message;




 Please don’t ask me what that means. Even the translation makes no sense to me…

Now, this woman has gotten a lot of attention. They made her the cover image for the Xian Jiàn game page!!! They got a Xian Jiàn cover image for this page! Oh… It’s either really silly or a really good marketing ploy.












She is the 3rd heroine (it says something about a 6th instalment) She is sixteen. Her height is 157 centimetres.

The last two lines, I think, are about a competition. I couldn’t risk not including in case it was about something else.

It all looks very exciting. I just hope that they have a collector’s edition. I love art books! Please have an art book and be available on YesAsia!

I hope that, like the Chinese Paladin games, you can play the game without needing to understand the language.

Now, I’m only on 7 of the 30 Day Challenge and that’s my next update. It’s going to be quite a while so I’m just going to upload this article as-is. I’ll do the French translation once it’s up for the for the sake of keeping this blog going.

Unless, of course, you’re allowed to do more than one part a day. Are you? I was going to it all in one article but I suppose I could split it in two as well… Either way, the next article isn’t coming until the French part is done. That’s how I’m doing this.

As always, there will be pictures in the French part that aren’t in the English part so check back at a later date, okay?


 Je suis désolé. Encore en fois, je vais traduire l’article en temps.

Let’s Play!

Or, if like me, you live outside of China, then maybe not.

Oh, I’m sure you all know what I’m talking about. You see all these RPG’s out there that are being made into television shows, yes, Tangren, I’m talking about you. I don’t know much of other production companies; a fact that I am ashamed of. However, that is not a point of discussion.

As you all know, I love languages and I’m a writer. In fact, my writing and my manuscripts are my life. This is makes the fact that almost all of my work has been influenced by two franchises extra special. This article is a celebration of these two things. From the above you can probably tell that it’s game related. That narrows the field almost exclusively to a very select few.

I’m going to be surprisingly ‘mainstream’ and ‘ordinary’ with these. Yes, it’s Chinese Paladin. I adore the entire series except for the drama of Chinese Paladin 3… Oh, I know, I know. That drama was produced better than the first one. They had a better understanding of CG and all that. However, if you dare say on my blog that it had a better cast I will trap you and pin you down as to why because I honestly have no idea. I don’t like when people say that. So, yes, Táng Yān is gifted, so is Liú Yì Fēi. It’s one that one’s subtle and the other isn’t. It’s called an acting style people! Respect that, please.

I dislike them all so much… I speak solely for the drama though. I haven’t watched enough gameplay to decide on the game, but I have GREAT news!

On my i-Pod I found an app last year. It was the Chinese Paladin 5 game!!! Oh, I haven’t even started it. It asks you a question right at the start and I have no idea what it says. However, this year, I found another new app. It’s the original Chinese Paladin! Ah~ It doesn’t start with a question either you just select the top button and you’re right in there!

Yes! Yes! Yes!

They are in Chinese but the fact that they’re on sale on the United Kingdom i-Tunes store excites me! Is this the beginning of international availability? The United Kingdom is such a small place in comparison with America and Australia. Are the games available for download there too? Are we going to finally get international with wǔxiá games?

I really, really hope so.

It isn’t impossible to get the game, I know. You can play the game without prior knowledge of the language, yes… However, you need a language pack to do so. Now, that’s a hassle for me. I’m too paranoid about someone stealing the manuscripts off of my laptop. Besides, I’m not sure if it’s the language barrier but a big red notice keeps cropping up when I try to install my Chinese Paladin 5+ game. Either way, if you see the same thing, you’re probably going to be stuck since it won’t copy and paste.

That’s just one big hassle. I have no problem going through those bothers since I just adore the franchise. My love for Chinese Paladin is the smothering, fussing type. I will eventually be the biggest nerd in its fandom, I’m sure. Besides, even if it was a hassle for me I still have my clock, art book, and collectibles to drool and swoon over.

Now, my camera isn’t good and my hands shake so I can’t take any pictures to share with you. Besides, I’m still scared that I’ll be sued for including pictures. It’s irrational, probably, but that’s just me – insanity boxed in a person. I do have something to share with you though. I hope this comes out well. Here goes;








 Try to sue me for that.

I’m showing you this because I once heard someone complain about the series. They said that 1, 2, 3 and 3+ were all good, but once the games stopped being connected they became bad… I see a line between Hán Líng Shā and Jǐng Tiān! Well, technically it’s someone connected to Jǐng Tiān… It’s still a connection and you have my have me head if it’s not!!!

Well, no. I quite like my head actually. I’d like to keep it, if you please.

For such a supposedly new game this online thing is, they’ve left out 5 and 5+. There is most definitely a blood connection there. I know that for a fact! Hmm, suddenly this doesn’t seem as much of a celebration as it is a rant.

Okay, let’s celebrate!





I found these amidst many other things after accidentally downloading something from the Chinese Paladin 5 website…

How do you not notice that you’re downloading something?


I know I’ll be verbally beaten up for this, but… Oh, my one true pairing – from all the worlds over.


I’m not so mean that I’d skip them out though.


Isn’t this so pretty? I want that scarf thing.

Looks like someone was practising their tie-dye

images (1)

I was always disappointed with the simplicity of the swords…

They make such a good combat team, don’t they?

images (3)

Yea… I’m sorry Drunken Sword Immortal, but I don’t like alcohol so you’ll have to take a back seat.


People, I just found the control pad on the original Chinese Paladin game app to be in English! Yea, it’s MenuCancel, something that’s the opposite of cancel but isn’t select and I think the fourth is R. What the-? Why R? Do you know how unfair this is to the rest of the alphabet? Hmm?

Tut, tut, tut.

I mean, it’s had a Japanese release so why not English? Why not French? Why not Spanish? Half the world speaks Spanish, right? Right? Oh, and then maybe Hungarian, Russian and Estonian! Then maybe, oh, I don’t know! Anything can happen!


Okay! My next greatest inspiration is going to be super predictable!

Oh, yes, Legend of the Ancient Sword, how I love you. Let’s face it though, even if I wasn’t as in love with it as much as I am it’d still be here. I’m just that predictable.

Unfortunately, there’s no app that I know of for this one. There aren’t many sources for it either that I know of. However, their new game Legend of the Ancient Sword 2 is coming out soon. The site is full of pretty pictures of powerful weapons and interesting people. (Yea, even that smarmy looking guy…)

Now, this guy is the most recently released person (At this time, it takes me day to write even the English part up). The fact that they haven’t replaced Ā Ruǎn’s (or, A Nguyen, as the translator insists, even though it’s a Vietnamese name? Am I missing something here? Is it Cantonese too?) image for his makes me kind of happy. I mean, I’m sure he’s not smarmy, but he just has that ‘yea, you’re looking at me. I know you’re looking at me. Go on, why don’t you take a picture? You can have me forever then’ kind of look in his image. Not to help matters much is that he’s posing with a sword as if trying too hard to impress someone. His hair is even billowing! If this was an anime there would be a sparkly background, I’m sure of it! Gosh… Too much Hetalia…

Gosh, I love that. Like I said, I don’t want this to be negative. I’m including that because it’s funny. It is to me, anyway. I am perfectly willing to concede that his sword is super cool though.


Hmm…. Fine.


That is the face of person who is very confident.

However, a new silhouette was also with him!


That looks like a lady to me.

There’s also this newly appeared person! (22.03.13)


Now, what to kick butt with?




So many choices… So little time…

(I apologise for my use of ellipses. I was watching a funny commentary on Master of the Universe /before I knew what it was/ and this is the curse that has befallen me)

I love it when they bring out a new game. I get to stalk the website for all the pretty pictures! Wow, what a girly thing to say. *cringe*

However, you do get a lot of good things from pictures. You get to see houses, clothing, weapons and all sorts of crazy, wacky, amazing things. You even see things that you didn’t know were possible for wǔxiá. Oh, yes, I’m talking about the antagonists!

Now, let’s admit that the enemies can be pretty cool in the likes of Chinese Paladin and Legend of the Ancient Sword. They might not be the final ‘big boss’, but they’ve got their own spunk. Especially in the last Chinese Paladin! I mean, am I only one shocked by what’s been included in those fan-made MV’s? (Don’t expect me to make videos, I have no idea how to work that stuff) That is just crazy~

Oh, but I can’t tell you! That would be spoilers and I can’t do that. All I can say is if you look into it you’ll find some crazy things about some crazy people!

Anyway, you’ll probably be glad to hear that I’m planning a Cosplay post! It might take little while and I apologise to all the gentlemen here as I’m not into Cross-Play Cosplay (All right, be reasonable, one of you tell me how I’m meant to put that into French). However, Comic Con’s coming to Glasgow this summer and because of that I’m working on an upcoming article called ‘How To – Ā Ruǎn’. Of course, I’ll need to finish the Cosplay first…

Right now I’m making leaves! 😀

It’s not as crazy as it sounds, I promise. I don’t need that white jacket just yet.

Oh… Darn, I’ve gone off track again! I was talking about the villains and now look where I’m at! Making leaves, I mean, that’s… Urgh. Just look at the pretty picture…


That is cool.

It reminds me of the earth-shattering Pokémon Groudon!

 Ah, what a long article! I’m gonna have a hard time with this one!

Nevermind, eh?

Hey, guys, I just want to say again that if there’s anything you’re interested in then just tell me. I’ll look it up if you want. My next articles should focus on Sorcerer and the White Snake, the 30 Day Wǔxiá challenge thing, the ‘er’ suffix that confuses so many people and a few secrets!

The pictures are different in the French section so scroll down if you want.

Thank you for reading! Thank you!

(P.S. There’s still a Legend of the Ancient Sword movie, book trilogy (parts two and three are yet to come) and a rumoured show for those who lack knowledge of the Chinese language! Or alfredlostlol uploaded the gameplay. You could always watch that)

(EDIT) I’m afraid my exams are coming up. I haven’t been at school full time in three years so, yea, it’s a big deal. I’ll do the French translation after uploading this. You can check back for the pretty pictures in the French section in a month or two. It should be done by then! I’m sorry for the inconvenience.

Let’s Play! / Nous Allons Jouer!

 Ou non. Si vous habitez à l’extérieur de la Chine, vous comprendrez. Les jeux sont seulement enchinois…

Il y a beaucoup télévision adaptations  des RPGs. Oui, Tangren, je vous écris vous concernant.

Je suis desolé! Je vais compléter ce blog quand mes examens de fin!

Je suis desolé!