The 古劍奇譚三 Webpage is Up!!!

It’s actually up!

And they’ve already got lots on offer. You can see several locations in the game. They’ve got so many character designs, house designs, actual scene models There are audio files!

Under the title Yan Ling you can learn about the town of Fuling (鄢陵), which is so beautiful. It’s full to bursting with flowers.


The one with the heading of Guang Ming Ye is, I believe, outside the city of Tianlu. It’s so lovely and otherworldy. But more importantly, it leads to this link which shows scenery and models of the two brothers in a book! I think it’s a book.

My priorities are a little obvious, aren’t they?

The next one is Tian Lu Cheng! Which means Tian Lu City, or some variation thereof. And it is the most beautiful fantasy city I’ve seen in ages. It’s glorious!

GJQT3 Tian Lu

The last setting comes under the header of Yao Ye Wan… It’s a ruined city! A ruined city in the desert! The images with the sun trailing over the endless desert or the moon over the collapsed roofs…

And there are actually characters there too! It’s not abandoned.

The Audio section is really cool though. It has four parts. None of which are actually audio, funnily enough. Three of the four sections are yet more images but two of these focus on the characters. A few of them I’m not aware of. I’ve seen the blonde woman, the buff man and the creeptastic woman-child who looks like she uses magic but the white haired man and boy are new to me.

The woman with the maybe blood magic is just pure goth awesome. I can’t wait to find out more about her. If she’s a villain then the potential this game has just shot through the roof. So excited!

Definitely check out the video section though! They’re for download so you can keep them with you. There’s the first trailer with Beiluo and his brother. The second introduces two companions – Cen Ying, who looks a lot like Wen Renyu, but can’t be related because this is a stand-alone game, and Yun Wuyue (it means literally Cloud Without Moon). Whoa. I think Yun Wuyue has magic.

And we get another look at Beiluo too. I think this means they’ve moved away from turn based combat. I’d get excited but my laptop’s way too old to work with this game.

I have no idea what’s happening in the third video. The focus is on dialogue and I can’t really parse any words out from there. But it’s a short twenty three seconds and I don’t really hate the hair in that angle. I’m not sure if it’s her or not, and the other speaker was a boy, but I do think they’re maybe going the ‘cute one’ route with Cen Ying. And to that I say – you can’t follow up A Ruan with her.

Aside from that, I have to say that I’m still not too thrilled with the change in style. Don’t get me wrong, it is in many ways shaping up to be a beautiful looking game. But the hyper-realistic look they’re going for is a little… off-putting at times? The hair especially is taking some getting used to though I don’t think the styles are particularly helping matters.

Also – where’s 原天柿與主人? There was definitely mention of a 原天柿與主人 somewhere but not in the videos…


I thought that the out of nowhere steampunk of the second Gujian and sixth Xian Jian game had killed these series dead. I’ve never been so glad to be proven wrong.

I can’t embed a link to bilibili but if you can, watch this video instead. The official website links to this weibo account so I’m certain it’s official too. The odds of there ever being a translated version available is as low as it ever was but I have to hope that they know there’s interest over here too.

The trailer shows two characters who are brothers. The one dressed in black is Beiluo (北洛) and the one in white Xuan Ge (玄戈). Now, my Chinese is as useless as always, but I think there’s meant to be an evil king. Which is so exciting because they’ve gone to the demon realm for this one!


This symbol is captioned 辟邪族印记 on the wangyuan site

For anyone who can read better than I, this is the link to the actual web page. I’m so excited, you guys. You have no idea. This is the best thing to happen to me all year.



Do you know this is my fourth time trying to write this article?

I could never settle on an idea. I went through so many ideas like Sorcerer and the White Snake (which I promised), The Four (again, I promised), an idea of how to spread wǔxiá to the masses…

Now I’ve chosen to focus on gaming!

Yes, Softstar, I love you!!!

I’ve told you about Xian Jiàn and Gǔjiàn Qí Tán (2).

A few days ago Softstar Entertainment released two more games on the i-Tunes store. The descriptions for these games are in English!!!


 Now, I have no way to copy and paste the title… However, the one with the shorter title has the description;

‘In 1994, Softstar Entertainment INC., released a sequel of Xuān Yuán Jiàn (Xuān Yuán Sword / Sword of Yellow Emperor) in Taiwan (Táiwān), Japan and Korea. The Xuān Yuán Jiàn 2 use Chinese brush painting in the game and it is really significant idea at that time. The story line actually continued the story from Xuān Yuán Jiàn even the main character’s name has been changed. The Xuān Yuán Jiàn series contains rich traditional Chinese culture and some of the item in the game is referred to the historical stories, like “The Classic of Mountain and Seas”.

From Xuān Yuán Jiàn2, the series of Xuān Yuán Jiàn contains Chinese culture and it becomes one of the feature of the game.’

 Isn’t it cute? The person who typed that up was obviously not fluent! I love grammar, but it’s so endearing when someone with another language tries~

Oh, yea… The parts in brackets are parts that I saw fit to add in.

The one with the longer title has the description;

‘After Xuān Yuán Jiàn 2, Soft Star Entertainment INC. released “Maple Leaf Fall” which is contained lots of Chinese historical character , like Mozi (Mò Zi. Fans of Qín Shí Míng Yuè (The Bright Moon of Qín will know that he’s the founder of Mohism / Mòjiā), Guiguzi, Ruban, Bian Que, Sun Bin etc. (I know not of who they are so I’ll make no alterations to how their names are written)

The game’s story line is followed by those significant character and they build a visionary world which is contradiction and confliction. The story time set on B.C. 420, which is called the Warring States Period. In this period of time, the slavery system has been collapsed and the most of the people are willing to have a peaceful life. However, the peaceful life is like an impossible dream…’

 I have to admit that I know very little about Xuān Yuán Jiàn. I have no particular interest in the television series and my previous laptop wouldn’t let me play DOMO… I checked back months later but the images were like those in Chinese Paladin 2. I couldn’t play with them looking like that!

However, there is a FaceBook page. It’s under the title of 軒轅劍. They’re in the midst of releasing new information so there might be a new game coming? I followed a link to a Taiwanese webpage. I can’t find anything for mainland China.

km.softstar (dot) com (dot) tw


Topic (dot) aspx?tid (equals) 486

 I don’t know if I’m being paranoid or not… Links just don’t like me. They never have so I don’t tend to like them either. That’s why you can find them torn apart on anything I’ve done. XD

There’s a really good video there. I recommend watching it very much!


She came with this description







I’m really dumb though so don’t expect much from me, okay?

Her age is ‘seventeen up and down’. Her height is 163 centimentres. The bit with the question marks is apparently ‘identity’. I can’t, for the life of me, understand why they would do that! Why would you tell potential players who someone is?

She is apparently connected to a goddess… Her name, I think, is Chì Yī Zūn Zhě. I don’t understand any more than that.


I’m too much of a hopeless romantic not to include this…

(White Day is more known in Japan and being celebrated in Japan. It’s when women and girls give chocolate to boys or men as a love gift, out of courtesy or because of social obligation. It’s one month after Valentine’s Day

Wonder what happened to him? :O Is she a yandere?)

It says –



 I don’t know much… The translator says that it means;

Today’s temperature … for snuggling ~

White Day Happy Oh

 For those of you who want to lean Chinese. The first symbol is ‘today’, the second is ‘day’ and the third is the possessive particle. The first symbol of the second line is ‘large’ the third is ‘white’ and the sixth is ‘person’. I know very little.



 They’re really pretty so I wanted to share them!

《軒轅劍陸》遊戲設定 終極戰場

年假結束 下一次該期待的 是軒轅劍陸 降臨

It means

“Xuanyuanjian land game set the ultimate battlefield

Annual leave next end of the expected Xuanyuanjian land come

The white creature thing came with this message;




 Please don’t ask me what that means. Even the translation makes no sense to me…

Now, this woman has gotten a lot of attention. They made her the cover image for the Xian Jiàn game page!!! They got a Xian Jiàn cover image for this page! Oh… It’s either really silly or a really good marketing ploy.












She is the 3rd heroine (it says something about a 6th instalment) She is sixteen. Her height is 157 centimetres.

The last two lines, I think, are about a competition. I couldn’t risk not including in case it was about something else.

It all looks very exciting. I just hope that they have a collector’s edition. I love art books! Please have an art book and be available on YesAsia!

I hope that, like the Chinese Paladin games, you can play the game without needing to understand the language.

Now, I’m only on 7 of the 30 Day Challenge and that’s my next update. It’s going to be quite a while so I’m just going to upload this article as-is. I’ll do the French translation once it’s up for the for the sake of keeping this blog going.

Unless, of course, you’re allowed to do more than one part a day. Are you? I was going to it all in one article but I suppose I could split it in two as well… Either way, the next article isn’t coming until the French part is done. That’s how I’m doing this.

As always, there will be pictures in the French part that aren’t in the English part so check back at a later date, okay?


 Je suis désolé. Encore en fois, je vais traduire l’article en temps.