Mandarin Music Spotlight


Zhāng Xián Zi, born April 22nd, 1986, is a singer from Guǎngdōng Province. She has released six Mando-pop albums to date. All of which have showcased a different style and sound.

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Mandarin Music Spotlight


Saara Aalto, born May 2nd, 1987, is a Finnish singer-songwriter and runner up in the 2011 Eurovision Song Contest. She has released four albums to date, one being in Mandarin – Aì de Zhù Fú (Blessed With Love). The tracks included are translations of nine of her previously released songs such as Letting Go (我心慢慢沉) and You Had My Heart (受伤的心).

Her Chinese name is Xuě Lán (雪兰).
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