Happy Belated Lantern Festival!

The schedule for uploading articles has been very unreliable lately. For that, I apologise. I am setting about remedying that right now. As usual, this update article will be mostly under the cut so as to save space for scrolling through actual articles of interest.

Thank you for your patience!

On the agenda are…






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An Overdue Update

I have a lot to tell you.

I am looking forward to completing the 30 Day Challenge. I understand that it has been a long, long time. I do fully intend to have it all out. I can’t say when exactly it will be complete, however. I had all of my answers scripted out in English. The French parts have been an utter nightmare. Anyway, the questions that I’ve not answered are just going to be re-written as I go!

In the meantime, I have a big surprise for you all. As you know, I love to write. Gǔ Jiàn Qí Tán (The Tale of the Ancient Sword: The Story of a Gǔqín and an Ancient Sword), Xian Jiàn (Legend of the Sword and Fairy) and Bái Shé Zhuàn (Madam White Snake / Sorcerer and the White Snake) are all stories that I assume you are familiar with. I have story re-tellings on my fan fiction account. They are, of course, told by different people in different worlds. Their titles are, in the order given above; The Ancient Sword and Melody, Little Fairy and White Snake. Continue reading