Xian Jiàn 六 – Hero (II)

The second hero of Xian Jiàn 六 has been released.

His name is Xián Qīng. The translation is ‘free state’.

Free State

His character poem is as follows:

山裁新雨葉裁秋 閑枕飛光望景流
雪霽雲沉都過客 風埃袖滿系輕舟

Further information on his character can be found here.

Xian Jiàn 六 – Heroine

The first heroine of Xian Jiàn 六 has been released.

Her name is Yuè Qí – which, if Google Translate is to be believed, means ‘pray more’.

Yuè Qí

Her character poem is as follows:


I found this information on – http://gnn.gamer.com.tw/9/108399.html

My suspicions that this game is going to be different to the others is seeming to be proven correct. The article introducing Yuè Qí and this page from the official website both mention change.

I personally adore the game already. I mean, look at Yuè Qí. Her fashion is completely on point. she looks like a ninja! Her hair is short! In a game set in ancient China her hair is short! Can you imagine how much that would make her stand out? The kind of derision that would attract? And just look at her, her face is so determined. She isn’t there to mess about. She’s getting stuff done and asses kicked. Probably without having to lift a finger. Amazing.

Even our hero is awesome. He’s got an eye patch! We live in such an ableist society that seeing a hero who wears an eye patch and wields a sword. Three words for you – hand eye co-ordination. Not that his fashion sense isn’t on point as well. It is. It so is.

Xian Jiàn 六 – Hero

Say hi to our new hero!

And what a hero we have! Can I get a high-five from the ‘we wish he were real club’? Haha…

I love eye patches.

Also, yay! He wasn’t in the initial sketches that were released! Amazing.

Chinese Paladin 6

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Xian Jiàn 六

A trailer for the game Xian Jiàn 六 has been released.

There was talk of the game being created with UNREAL ENGINE if the fifth installment (not the prequel) sold well enough. The trailer gives nothing away of how the game will look. However, it does (I believe) give us the back-story.

The trailer can be found here.

The official game website has also been released – http://pal6.changyou.com/

For those who have little understanding of Chinese you can find information here. If you have Google Translate it will give you a rough idea about the back-story.

It sounds really exciting. And different.

Here are the images they released a short while back for anyone who missed them.

Xian Jian 6 IXian Jian 6 II

Mid-Year Update

Tài lèi le…

Welcome to the Very Tired update article. Here we (because that is how I now refer to myself) shall solidify plans for the future, let secrets slip and try very hard not to fall asleep. Because jetlag is evil.

Firstly, I would like to apologise to DrunkenSword and to Mookie for not responding to their comments. We had a damnably hard time before we left for Běijīng – surgery for FiFi and viruses and other such nuisances kept us busy for a long while. All things which, I am glad to say, have come to a close – a proper, clean, alls-well-that-ends-well close.

I have read your comments, and I thank you very much for taking the time to comment. I’m sorry that I didn’t respond. I will – soon, in fact. You know, when I start to comprehend what time is, and space, and why the world spins.



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Liebster Award 2014

Nǐ hǎo? This is China Sorrows. I was nominated by Drunken Sword. So, uh, thanks?

I don’t really know much about this but I’m going to try my utmost. Five blogs might be quite difficult though…

1. Favorite Weapon:

My favourite weapon would be the harpē. It’s considered to be a mythological weapon so its appearance always tends to have some form of variation. Games like them because of that fact. However, it seems to be a unanimous belief that the harpē is a half-sword, half-sickle type of thing. To me, it’s really beautiful.

If you asked me this a few days ago I would have called myself shallow because of that. Instead, I’m inclined to say that I have a sense of style? The beauty and the versatility of the harpē are what have elevated it to such heights. Continue reading


I really am sorry for my lack of presence here. I did intend to publish articles every two or three days. Writing this, it’s been about a week already since I last did any work on any of my blogs. By the time I reach the end we might all be living in our labyrinth surrounded castles full of diminutive little… I watched a movie and now I’m a hardcore addict. Addiction is hard.

So, you see, I cannot make this entirely about wǔxiá. That’s the only way that I could tear myself away from the cruel hold of the fan-videos, fan-fiction, fan-comics, audio version of the fan-comics and re-watching the video. That’s why this article is taking a sweeter approach. This is a mess of wǔxiá, games, films, television series and movies. Those include animations.

Have this as an apology:

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Blind Review ~ Q & A (天天有喜)

I have previously begun this series. Unfortunately, it seems that the document did not save. I hadn’t realised so until now. Usually when such a thing happens I retreat into my shell and weep and weep and weep inwardly. I swore to do better with my articles this year and I intend to keep that vow. Another grave misfortune is the destruction of that channel I was following. I have no idea now where to find the episodes.

I have found a channel that goes up to episode four. I will take notes once more and write them up again. I will also be searching for a another source to the best of my ability. I won’t give up. I might have to resort to blindly reviewing ‘Holy Pearl‘ a lot sooner than I had anticipated! You know, just to be able to keep working.

I also have included a small excerpt from the beginning of my review of episode one. It outlines some of the ‘conditions’ of my blind reviews for this series. Well, I suppose you could call them that. I’d personally rather not be so formal with it. You should know, this is from my original writing of the review. Therefore, I cannot vouch for its utmost accuracy. I did see a little of episode two, after all.

Oh, and it should be said… I wrote this originally last year. Unfortunately, the Doctor has yet to come and collect me in his Tardis. Please don’t speak of that. I’m dreadfully disappointed. Can you imagine the amazing kind of wǔxiá novels I could write if I were allowed back then?


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